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Executive Compensation at TriHealth (OH)

TriHealth is a non-profit healthcare system that operates 5 hospitals and more than 130 healthcare sites in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area. With about 12,000 employees that work for dozens of related/affiliated organizations, TriHealth is one of the largest employers in Cincinnati.

This post is about TriHealth, Inc. (TriHealth) which is a tax-exempt non-profit 501 (c) 3 that has two corporate members: Bethesda, Inc. and Catholic Health Initiatives, who elect board members. There are 13 board members in the governing body, 8 of whom are independent. 11 of the 13 (85%) are male while 2 (15%) are female. Read more »


Executive Compensation at Texas Health Resources

Texas Health Resources healthcare system is one of the largest tax-exempt non-profit healthcare systems in northern Texas with more than 350 access locations including 27 hospital locations. The healthcare system consists of dozens of related organizations but are overseen by a parent organization: Texas Health Resources. This post addresses the executive compensation at the parent organization.

The Texas Health Resources healthcare system has more than 23,000 employees with Texas Health Resources (THR) employing about 5,000 of those employees. Governed by 16 board members, 15 of whom are independent, THR has 13 males (81%) and 3 (19%) females on the board. Read more »


Executive Compensation at Sutter Health (CA)

Sutter Health generally refers to a healthcare system provider that operates in northern California. With more than 53,000 employees and 12,000 physicians that operate out of 24 hospitals and more than 200 clinics, Sutter Health is one of the largest tax-exempt non-profit integrated healthcare providers in California. But, Sutter Health is not just one organization; there are, in fact, dozens of organizations that make up Sutter Health. This post addresses the executive compensation at one of those organizations (Sutter Health) that employs about 9,000 employees or about 15% of their workforce that manage the overall system. Read more »


Executive Compensation at St Luke’s Health System (Boise, ID)

St. Luke’s Health System (SLHS) is a tax-exempt non-profit healthcare provider based in Boise, Idaho that is most well known for its flagship medical center – St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center – although there are numerous healthcare provider sites.

Governed by 16 directors, 10 of whom are independent, SLHS board makeup consists of 12 males and 4 females.

16,897 employees received $402 million in compensation, which equates to an average compensation of $24,000, which appears low compared to other non-profit healthcare providers. However, 1,550 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 13 most highly compensated reported to be: Read more »


Executive Compensation at CommonSpirit Health

Commonspirit Health (CH) was formed in 2019 when Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) and Dignity Health (DH) merged to become one of the largest non-profit healthcare providers in the country with 137 hospitals and more than 1,000 healthcare sites in 21 states.

Based in Englewood, Colorado, CHI has more than 350 related organizations (tax-exempt and taxable partnerships, corporations, and trusts) that file separate Form 990’s. This post addresses the executive compensation at CH in Englewood, Colorado (To see employee compensation from affiliated or related organizations, the specific Form 990 of the entity must be viewed).

3,387 employees were compensated $348 million, or an average of compensation of $103000 in 2019. However, only 878 employees were compensated more than $100,000 with the 25 most highly compensated individuals listed below:

Read more »