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December 8, 2021

AdventHealth Hendersonville and Google Reviews

by Anne Paddock

If you google “AdventHealth Hendersonville” a score of 3.1 out of 5.0 from 190 reviewers (as of December 5, 2021) comes up which in terms of Google reviews is not very good.  Read through the reviews and learn about some very unhappy experiences at this hospital in Hendersonville, NC that is owned by a huge healthcare system referred to as AdventHealth whose parent company is Adventist Health System who has dozens of hospitals and operate in about a dozen states in the US which makes them a big player in healthcare.

In fairness to AdventHealth Hendersonville there are also some very happy clients who wrote positive reviews. But, overall a 3.1 out of 5.0 generally means there are a lot of very unhappy people out there (about 80 people gave AdventHealth 1 star with several saying they would give 0 stars if they could).

Like most people I read google reviews and grow suspect when I see too many high reviews or too few reviews.  But with AdventHealth Hendersonville I am also concerned about how the organization is policing their reviews and getting reviews taken down claiming the review violates Google’s policies, possibly in the hopes that dissatisfied clients won’t realize their review was taken down because the writer still has the review listed on their account (The only way to see if your review was taken down is to sign out and then google the business for which the review was written and see if the review is there.  If not there, the reviewer has to sign back in to their account, delete the review, write a new review and post it).

I suspect that most people who write a negative review never know the review was removed and don’t write a new review which makes me think the 3.1 out of 5.0 that AdventHealth Hendersonville has on Google is actually significantly lower, but I can’t prove that. All I can do is write about what happened to me, the review I posted, and what I see on Google reviews when I google “AdventHealth Hendersonville.”

In June, 2021 I had a terrible experience at AdventHealth Hendersonville that involved a misdiagnosis (to read the details, click on AdventHealth Hendersonville:  An Open Letter to Brandon Nudd, President and CEO) because the emergency room doctor did not order an x-ray.  The short version is that I was told I had a muscle spasm and given 2 shots in the arm of medication (that turned out I didn’t need because I didn’t have a muscle problem) and a prescription for oxycodone.  Two days later when I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who took an x-ray, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my vertebrae C5-C6-C7 and given prednisolone (a steroid) to reduce the inflammation in the nerves the bone was pressuring.

I called AdventHealth Hendersonville and spoke to a very sympathetic employee who seemed aghast that I was misdiagnosed and told me they contract out their emergency room services to Wake Forest Baptist.  Led to believe they were on my side, I didn’t realize this was not the case until I protested the $1,300 bill from the hospital and the $225 bill from Wake Forest Baptist and posted within my review a portion of the letter that supported my complaint.  Unbeknownst to me, the review was taken down.

A few weeks later I googled “AdventHealth Hendersonville” and saw that my review was not there.  I also realized I was not signed in to my Google account. So, I signed in and saw my review in my account but not listed under “AdventHealth Hendersonville” so I tried to find out why my review was taken down by reading Google’s policies and other reviews and can only guess that my review was too specific by Google standards.  I also contacted AdventHealth but am still waiting for a response.

So, I wrote another abbreviated review and posted it. The review is now there but I also noticed the number of reviews is down. On December 7, the number of reviews is down to 187 – down 3 from just a few days ago.  Generally, the number of reviews increases but with AdventHealth, the number seems to be decreasing, which is disturbing. Is AdventHealth Hendersonville actively policing their account and getting negative reviews taken down?  Unfortunately, this is entirely possible.

Beware of organizations who tightly police their google reviews.  Read the reviews and watch the numbers (the number of reviews should be going up, not down).  And, above all….don’t allow organizations to silence you.

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