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March 10, 2022


Executive Compensation at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (2020)

by Anne Paddock

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501 (c) 3 founded by a rabbi in 1983 as a way to “bless Israel and the Jewish people around the world with humanitarian care and life-saving aid” while “building bridges between Christians and Jews.”

There are 9 independent voting members (directors) of the governing body, although 10 are listed on the most recent Form 990 (2020) (with 2 directors – Ed Frankel (a director through 6/20) and Keith Frankel related), which appears to be due to timing differences. 8 of the directors are male while 2 are female (note:  the Form 990 does not report gender; determinations were made based on name and google searches).

Based in Chicago, Illinois, IFCJ raised $158 million in 2020 and reported $132 million in expenses ($26 million less than the organization raised) with the three largest expenses reported to be grants ($71 million – primarily to Hakeren L’Yedidut, an organization that operates as the Israeli representative of the IFCJ), fundraising and advertising ($32 million), and compensation ($13 million).

129 employees received $13 million in compensation which equates to an average compensation of $101,000.  24 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 13 most highly compensated reported to be:

  • $696,072:  Yael Eckstein-Farkas (daughter of the founder of IFCJ)
  • $393,109:  Robin Van Etten, Global Chief Operating Officer
  • $371,499:  George Mamo, Former Global Chief Operating Officer
  • $248,513:  Eric Frans, VP of Philanthropy
  • $242,853:  Laurel Simkovich, VP of Finance
  • $223,733:  Katherine Rovani, Associate VP of Ops (as of 1/1/20)
  • $203,725:  Geraldine Tolbert, Associate VP of HR (as of 1/1/20)
  • $196,018:  Kristen Henning, Sr Director of Finance
  • $191,121:  Erica Prescott, Sr Director Integr FR and Donor Retention
  • $184,036:  Christine Jespersen, Philanthropy Advisor
  • $182,895:  Damon Card, Former VP of Information Services
  • $171,117:  Tewahedo Seyoum, Director of Information Services
  • $165,292:  James Ray, Director of Gift Planning (as of 10/20)

8 of the 13 (62%) most highly compensated employees are female while 5 of the 13 (38%) are male.  The 13 most highly compensated employees received $3.4 million in compensation.

IFCJ made gross up payments or provided tax indemnification but no detail is provided.

37 independent contractors received more than $100,000 in compensation in 2020 with the five (5) most highly compensated reported to be:

  • $14.6 million:  Production Solutions, of Vienna, VA for print and postage
  • $10.7 million:  Cannela Response Television, of Burlington, WI for tv ad placement
  • $ 1.5 million:  Google, of San Francisco, for internet search and advertising
  • $ 1.4 million:  MDS Communications Corp, of Mesa, AZ for telemarketing
  • $1.2 million:  Causeworx, of Ontario, Canada, for telemarketing

To read the IRS Form 990 (2020), please click here.

To read about previous Executive Compensation, and specifically about the founder’s executive compensation to him and his family, click on “Executive Compensation at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

  1. Mar 8 2023

    Here is the link that reports his compensation and the multi-million dollar perk after his death:

  2. Nancy B
    Mar 8 2023

    The rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree..check out what her father, the rabbi was making before he died and the multi-million dollar perk after his death for his widow! OBSCENE!
    I wonder if the directors are pulling down even more $ through their non-profit status in other countries.

    If they cared about suffering elderly Jews they would build housing for them.

    I have to wonder if Huckabee is getting a kick-back, he wasn’t born last night.

    God is watching and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when it’s time to answer.

  3. Barb
    Feb 26 2023

    Looks like others said what I was thinking. Shame on this a grifter outfit. They are conning people who sincerely care about the Jews. They are really taking the money, donating it to themselves, and giving only tokens to the poor Jews whom they claim to help.

  4. Joan lind
    Feb 24 2023

    One of the salaries I saw was OVER $600,000! GREED on the shoulders of these poor immigrants! I would NEVER donate to them! What in God’s name are these people worth for that kind of salary?!?!?!

  5. Bill Simmions
    Feb 18 2023

    This family owned “Non Profit” organization is just playing on the public’s sympathy in order to line their own greedy profits with the donations. Traveling all over the world, staying in expensive resorts, and eating at overpriced restaurants on charity contributions is just at the hieght of plain discusting. It goes to show that the executives of this organization have little or no integrity or morals and are using the organization as a cash cow to line their own pockets. They are masters at the art of scamming. I hope that someday they will reap what they soe. When you soe thistle you end up reaping thistle. I hope that the people that donate to this scam wake up and realize what is going on. I will never give them another dime!

  6. Stuart
    Feb 15 2023

    This is why I check out and advise people to check out Non-Profits 501(c)3 Corporations. When I served as a CEO, I would not take a salary, only mileage because I was self-sufficient. Too much money in this organization is squandered to give it a second look, though they spend a fortune on advertising as I just received 2 letters in one day. “Guilting people into giving.” Not on my watch.

  7. Feb 14 2023

    I also wouldn’t donate to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

  8. Margaret perala
    Feb 14 2023

    That IS NOT what I meant at all!! My point was that there is Billions of dollars in the entertainment industry alone…..why these people are in such a state of despair is tragic and says much about the priorities of the VERY wealthy in the Jewish community. I give and will continue to give to orgs that see to it that the people who need it receive it….BUT …..I will NOT give to an org that pads its own pockets just to say I gave….that’s a futile endeavor!

  9. Feb 14 2023

    Its not just taking care of your own -doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Christian, Mormon, Hindu, or any other religion – it’s a matter of taking care of all of us. Turning the other way because someone is not “one of your own” is equally horrifying.

  10. Gloria k. Eppley Fields
    Feb 13 2023

    This is so sad, the employees and the CO’S daughter salary are outrageous, , The CEO makes an obscene about of money,, the poor people get very little,

  11. Penny
    Feb 13 2023

    Commercials are heartbreaking and my heart hurts for these elderly Jewish people! That said, I keep wondering WHY these people are in such dire straights! Just looking at the BILLIONS of dollars here in the US in the ENTIRE entertainment industry…..where are these people??!! Then one takes a look at the salaries and expenditures associated and the head shaking starts!! Something stinks on ice with this. If you are pocketing these monies given to help these pathetic people….then shame on you and may God help you when you sand before him! Also may God forgive the millionaires and billionaires in the Jewish community for NOT taking care of your own.

  12. Arthur Shelton
    Feb 13 2023

    Looks like if y’all take a pay cut y’all might be able to help some people. This is a racket to still money from hard working people. I know that Israel and her people are God’s chosen people. Looks like y’all are stilling God’s people.

  13. teresa b
    Feb 10 2023

    I’m sickened, but not at all surprised by the astronomical salaries of the grifters running this con.
    We’re bombarded with commercials asking for money to help the poor and hungry. What a sick joke. I guarantee the ones running this game are eating high on the hog.

  14. Gerald Wilcox
    Dec 25 2022

    So why donate to make you all rich and the people you say you are helping get basically NOTHING. Really and you can wake up in the morning and look at yourself. Non profit is a joke. You all profit except those you say you are helping. I will be taking your payroll and showing as many as I can NOT to donate.
    As for Mr Huckabee. Not much I can say there. When I see commercial who uses actors from Hollywood, commercial trained actors, high profile people in there commercials (MOST UNTRUSTED PEOPLE) I look the other way. Just like our political leaders. Completely UNTRUST WORTHY.

  15. Joseph Hancock
    Dec 24 2022

    How in the world could you leave those poor people in those living conditions. The lady walks away with a warm coat and leaves them with a small box of food for a month. What do you think Jesus is saying and will do to people that are taking these enormous salaries? We have been giving for years for food and it is not being used for the right purpose. So so sad!

  16. Charlene Holmes
    Dec 23 2022

    I have always admired Mike Huckabee and his family. I am from Texarkana Tx and I have always looked up yo him, so with that being said, I just wonder if he has taken the time to look at where a lot of the money that is donated to this organization goes to? All these elaborate salaries are utterly ridiculous and sickening.. Do they have to get rich off of an organization that is supposed to be helping God’s chosen people who are starving? Also Gordon Robertson off the 700 club are you really truly looking into this organization before you attach your name and advertise for them or are you padding you and Mike padding your pockets as well by getting paid to advertise?
    Sickening, Charlene Holmes

  17. William Luebs
    Nov 16 2022

    Just saw your salaries. $700K for the daughter of the founder? And all the outrageous salaries in addition. You play pictures of poor destitute Jews in Eastern Europe trying to get our sympathy. I see your salaries and I get sick. Shame on you all. Great cause. Disgusting attempt to fleece us suckers. Guess what? Your selfishness will be rewarded by our Lord. Shame on you!!!

    Nov 9 2022

    Seems that there’s a large group of people milking this cash cow for six figures annually. REALLY SICK!!!

  19. Never give u Anything
    Nov 2 2022

    I’m so gladi checked these salaries before I donated. Straight up bull shit!!!

  20. lorimccanna
    Oct 31 2022

    I was so moved by the commercial showing very aged and feeble women, and the artistry of them kissing and praying over the food. Felt compelled to donate and researched where the money goes. I was just horrified at the amount of “compensation” (in whatever form) given to the executives. Can’t give you any of my hard earned money, and am positive that a massive reduction in your annual compensation and directed towards increasing the contribution to these poor old folks would eradicate their poverty and suffering.

  21. Teresa hulme
    Oct 2 2022

    So sad how these CEO,workers are stealing the money with huge salarys CEO 800,000,this is a get rich scheme while the Jews get a little box of food.Scam artists.If you give your giving to the people who run this scam.

  22. Michael Doran
    Sep 26 2022

    Thank you for putting this info out! I will never give another dime to these scumbags.

    Michael Doran

    [X] ________________________________

  23. Pauline Clark
    Sep 24 2022

    Do NOT give money to this so called charity for these Jews. It’s basically a charity for these RICH PEOPLE! NOT the Jews! Want to give people. Hand the money to the person themselves! NOT through this so called charity!

  24. Jake rams
    Sep 17 2022

    Its a true same that the expenses are so high. A lot of top headed salaries why???its so sad the the top 2 people earn in excess of 1million dollars and you want individuals to cotribute to fund these 2 people. What a joke i hope you all go to h____.Hitler took advantage of the Jews and now this organization are taking food out of their mouths. The people here should be advanced. I would not give this org a dime!

  25. Aug 30 2022

    The employee benefit costs are disclosed as part of compensation.

  26. Douglas W. Breazell
    Aug 29 2022

    They have not published how much goes into a retirement fund, or health insurance. Are travel expenses to distant countries and cities labeled as fundraising expenses? $ 1,000-night hotels, $500 dollar-a-plate dinners, etc. I can’t for the life of me see how the US Government allows such a claim, except, they get some financial benefits from them as well.

  27. Michael Doran
    Aug 20 2022

    I just found out today that the amount of compensation these people are getting is beyond reproach! I’ll never give another dime to these criminals.

  28. Holden McGroin
    Aug 3 2022

    $700 grand?!?! Wow!!! She couldnt get by on a quart mil???

  29. Jul 31 2022

    Asking for donations, calling it a “charity”, helping the hungry with a meager box of food, while the executives rake in the $$ and the founder’s daughter makes 3/4 of a million. God will judge.

  30. Brian Dickerson
    Jul 16 2022

    There’s a special place in Hell for these charlatans.

  31. Jul 12 2022

    That’s why it is so important to read the Form 990. But, you’re right, the basis is truth and honesty.

  32. Mark A. Weinberger
    Jul 11 2022

    You see these commercials and it breaks your heart…but who do you trust in regards to making donations to any organization…how do you know how much actually goes to the people in need, and not the rich CEO’s who run the show?…Wish I could make 700K a year!

  33. Norma Maria Early
    Jun 27 2022

    There is no way that the daughter of the founder, Yael Ekstein-Farkas, should be making that much money. Think of all the Jews this organization could really help if her salary was, say, $250,000. So many more Jews could be helped if the leaders of this organization weren’t so greedy! No one needs almost $700,000.00 a year!!! Stop being greedy and give the money to those that really need it. I was going to contribute but now that I’ve seen the exorbitant salaries, I am definitely NOT giving you any of my hard earned money to help support your lavish lifetime. If you can convince me that you all give most of your salaries to the Jews in need, then I will contribute.

  34. Charles Dekon
    Jun 18 2022

    Seems like the Charity is all going to the Jews running the show. The commercials are a big lie. These people are crooks and all should be jailed for there lies. Thought the Natizs were bad. Not compared to these thieves.

  35. Terry Nich
    Mar 25 2022

    Seems like everybody’s making a butt load of money except for the poor Jews they are supposed to be helping.

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