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April 23, 2022


Executive Compensation at the ASPCA (2020)

by Anne Paddock

The ASPCA is a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) based in New York City, New York. As such, the organization submits a Form 990 to the IRS annually and makes a copy available to the public. The most recent IRS Form 990 (2020) reports the ASPCA:

  • Raised $325 million in 2020,  mostly through contributions, gifts, and grants
  • Spent $268 million in 2020, allotting $57 million to the general fund
  • Has $407 million in net assets
  • Spent $104 million (32% of revenue) to compensate the 1,252 staff
  • Spent nearly half of revenue ($157 million) on compensating staff, office-related expenses, and travel and conferences
  • Spent $64 million on advertising and promotion (does not include professional fundraisers)
  • Spent $12 million on veterinary medical services and operating supplies
  • Spent $13 million on grants to other animal rights organizations

In terms of compensation, the average compensation was $83,000 ($104 million/1,252 staff). The 13 most highly compensated employees were:

  • $966,004:  Matt Bershadker, President and CEO
  • $448,062:  Elizabeth Estroff, SVP, Communications
  • $409,693:  Todd Hendricks, SVP, Development
  • $403,278:  Beverly Jones, SVP, Chief Legal Officer
  • $398,595:  Bert Troughton, SVP, Shelter and Veterinary Services
  • $386,575:  Cheryl Bucci, SVP, Ops and People
  • $367,589:  Bill Lee, SVP and CFO (to 10/9/20)
  • $363,000:  Stacy Wolf, SVP, Policy, Response, and Engagement
  • $348,482:  J’Mai Gayle, Director, Surgery
  • $309,038:  Nancy Perry, SVP, Government Relations
  • $292,026:  Jennifer Chin, VP, Legal Advocacy/Investing
  • $283,870:  Camille Declementi, VP, ASPCA Animal Hospital
  • $260,569:  Sarah Levin Goodstein, SVP, Operations and Strategy (to 3/1/20)

As illustrated above, the 13 most highly compensated employees received $5.3 million in compensation.  9 of the 13 most highly compensated employees are female while 4 of the 13 are male.

In 2020, the ASPCA adopted a 457 (F) Deferred Compensation Plan for the President/CEO.  The plan accrues an annual employer-provided amount of $50,000 that is vested after a 5-year employment term, at which point the plan renews in 5-year increments conditioned on continuous employment.

116 independent contractors received more than $100,000 in compensation. The five most highly compensated were reported to be:

  • $40.4 million:  Eagle-Com, Inc., of Ontario, Canada for “donor acquisition” (fundraising)
  • $  8.7 million:  Laughlin Constable, of Milwaukee, WI for “donor acquisition” (fundraising)
  • $ 6.6 million:  Edge Direct, of Baltimore, MD for “donor engagement” (fundraising)
  • $ 5.7 million:  Google, of Mountain View, CA for advertising (fundraising)
  • $ 4.1 million:  Patton Kiehl, of Woodford, VA for “donor engagement” (fundraising

In summary, the ASPCA raised $325 million and spent $268 million in 2020 with the largest expense reported to be compensation.  1,252 employees received $104 million in compensation with the 13 most highly compensated employees receiving more than $5 million.  During this same period (2020), the ASPCA spent $12 million on veterinary care and operating supplies and $13 million on grants, primarily to other non-profits while spending $64 million on fundraising.

To read the IRS Form 990 (2020), click here.

  1. Roger
    Mar 26 2023

    This is what makes people hesitant to give to the ASPCA!

  2. Keith Corwin
    Mar 24 2023

    How do you sleep, have you seen your own advertisement. Cut there payrolls in half and hire more people to streets that’s where we need them. Can’t believe we are paying people to sit on their ass. It’s a shame these wonderful creatures have to depend on them they are getting cheated.

  3. Teresa Boone
    Feb 26 2023

    The amount the CEO/President of the ASPCA is being paid yearly is absolutely unbelievable! It’s ludicrous! WTF??!!?? I certainly won’t be donating anymore money and I’ll make sure everyone I know doesn’t donate!

  4. Tim Mauser
    Feb 8 2023

    What greed heads. They will never get a penny from me.

  5. Lil Schulze
    Jan 11 2023

    Disgraceful!!!!!!!!! Shame on u and ur commercials !!!!’God will make u answer for this . !!!! Trust me we all have accountability.!!!!!!!

  6. Sue
    Jan 2 2023

    From Reading the comments and reviewing the exorbitant salaries paid instead of helping these animals, I would never feel this is a trustworthy organization. Your commercials are nothing more than to prey on the goodness of animal lovers. Such a disgrace.

  7. Mark D
    Jan 1 2023

    I totally agree with Ozzie. The high end staff under the ceo, and himself, is payed a very substantial amount of money. It also show added bonuses,,,,,,, for what. Your not a business that supports a product that reflects a consumer buying power. Your a non profit company playing on you bleeding heart advertisements. Your many worker are non paid volunteers that keep the shop running with no bonuses.
    Will never support this ceo sleezy non profit.

  8. Ozzie Neilson
    Dec 30 2022

    I have pondered a sizable donation to benefit these abused animals, but in view of the huge salary of the CEO, there is by far a lot of money that is in his take that could make a HUGE difference and benefit many.
    In my opinion, this financial compensation is outrageous and mirrors the same situation as the career criminal politicians that tax and tax and spend and want more and yet they are millionaires and do not experience financially the earnings of the constituents they represent. They give NOTHING !
    I do feel for these animals but do not ask the public to donate, tell the CEO to fill the gap financially. I will give selectively to the local Humane Society or the ANNA Shelter.

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