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Miyoko’s Kitchen: Vegan “Cheese”

A vegetarian lifestyle has always been a natural fit for me and the only two things that really hold me back from becoming a vegan is butter and cheese. Although infrequent, I do indulge in a Levain Chocolate Chip Cookie or a Salty Oats oatmeal cookie by Kayak Cookies – both of which are made with butter (and eggs). And, then there is cheese. A slice of Comte or Vermont Cheddar on a toasted bagel with lettuce, tomato, and red onion is my dream bagelwich and my go-to snack when I’m on the road and fresh out of energy bars. I can go to any bagel shop and get my fix. “Hold the meat, keep the cheese, and add the veggies” and I’m off and running. Read more »


Treeline Cheese

Treeline Cheese is a totally dairy-free line of cheese that actually tastes scrumptious, rich and creamy like “real” cheese. Made of pure, wholesome raw cashew nuts, acidophilus culture (a species of bacteria that ferments), salt and pepper, Treeline Cheese makes four types of cheese:  Classic, Cracked Pepper, Scallion, and Herb-Garlic.

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Food Websites: The A to Z Quick Reference Guide

Many readers have asked for a list of the food websites I rely on so when I found myself e-mailing numerous links, I realized I needed to make a quick reference guide.  No pretty pictures or descriptive write-ups, just the links. All of the foods listed below have been written about on this website (and more than likely, photographed also) so if you want detailed information on a specific product, utilize the search function on the cover page or use the category bars, which are also on the cover page of this website to find detailed product information and photographs. Read more »


Maytag Blue Cheese

When most people think of blue cheese, they think of a strong pungent cheese such as Roquefort Cheese – a blue cheese made from sheep’s milk that hails from the south of France. Maytag Blue Cheese of Newton, Iowa is a blue cheese made from cow’s milk that is tangy – almost lemony – with a moist and crumbly texture; a semi-soft cheese loved by many who give it a chance. Read more »


My Favorite Mail Order Websites for Food

The growth in internet sites has brought the world of food into homes.  Years ago, new and unusual foods were acquired by traveling to faraway places. Today, people still travel to eat but with the world becoming global, international and national foods can be ordered on-line and delivered to our doorstep within days. Special ingredients not readily available at the local grocery store can also be obtained at various websites.  The choices are unlimited but here are a few favorite sources: Read more »