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April 3, 2014

Treeline Cheese

by Anne Paddock

Treeline Cheese is a totally dairy-free line of cheese that actually tastes scrumptious, rich and creamy like “real” cheese. Made of pure, wholesome raw cashew nuts, acidophilus culture (a species of bacteria that ferments), salt and pepper, Treeline Cheese makes four types of cheese:  Classic, Cracked Pepper, Scallion, and Herb-Garlic.

The Classic and Cracked Pepper are hard round cheeses with a “rind” and distinctive flavor: a mild mesquite smoked tangy taste or a piquant peppery tangy taste with a firm texture. Easy to slice for a cheese plate, crumble onto salads, or grated over pasta, the Classic and Cracked Pepper Cheeses are deliciously satisfying.1459825_602916419775583_1020481921_n

The Scallion Soft Cheese is a soft French-style nut cheese made from the cashew nut base with dried scallions, onion powder, lemon juice, and sea salt added. A spreadable cheese, the Scallion Soft Cheese is ideal on crackers, toasted bread, or a baguette.

The Herb-Garlic Cheese is also a soft French-style nut cheese made from the cashew base with dried scallions, sea salt, lemon juice, white pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, dried parsley, basil, and oregano added. Reminiscent of “Boursin” (but infinitely better),this spreadable nut cheese is creamy and full flavored making it an ideal spread on plain crackers or toasted bread with a side of sliced pears or fig jam.960078_516089415124951_1679416199_n

Each one ounce serving of Treeline Cheese has the following nutritional content:

                                       Classic          Cracked Pepper          Scallion           Herb-Garlic

Calories                             150                        150                             90                             90

Fat                                    11 grams                11 grams              11 grams                 11 grams

Protein                                4 grams                4 grams                 4 grams                    4 grams

Sodium                               135 mg                  135 mg                   95 mg                       95 mg

Sugar                                  0                           0                             0                                  0

Cholesterol                          0                           0                            0                                  0

Fiber                                   2 grams                 2 grams             1 gram                       1 gram

Made by the Gardener Cheese Company out of Kingston, New York, Treeline Cheese can be purchased at stores nationwide. To locate a store nearby, use the locator service at the company website: The classic hard cheese sells for about $9.99 for a 3.9 ounce round while the soft cheeses sell for $7.99 for a 6 ounce tub.553130_497538593646700_363874466_n



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