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Love Thy Neighbor….

As individual voters, we can do very little to reform our broken political system, or to change the apocalyptic tenor of today’s political campaigns. But, as neighbors and friends, we can redeem politics through ordinary human decency.                                                                                  ~Joshua Rothman

The archive director (Joshua Rothman) of The New Yorker wrote an article for the November 7, 2016 issue entitled The Enemy Next Door which is a must-read for anyone baffled or horrified by the political leanings of their neighbors, friends, and relatives. The article is actually a review of Nancy Rosenblum’s new book “Good Neighbors:  The Democracy of Everyday Life in America” but the insight is equally applicable to friends and family who find themselves on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Read more »


“What the Fuck is Wrong With You?”

Moby – the multi-talented artist (singer, songwriter, musician) that hails from New York wrote a letter to America the day after the US elections asking what the fuck is wrong with us for electing Trump president. Putting aside the fact that Clinton won the popular vote with an early estimate of 62.8 million votes (50.5%) compared to Trump with 61.5 million votes (49.5%) and that a presidential candidate only has to win 11 states (and not get a single vote in 39 states) to get 270 electoral votes to win the election, Moby makes some points. Read more »