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Vegetarian Lasagna

My friend Dania came to visit us this summer and offered to make a vegan lasagna from the the book “Forks Over Knives.”     Of course, I accepted the offer even after she told me it would take four hours to make (because I wasn’t going to have to do it by myself). We worked together to make the lasagna and cut the time down to about an hour and a half but there were two of us – still too much time to spend on one dish for me. The lasagna was really good but we both thought improvements could be made based on our taste preferences. Read more »


Bavaro’s Italian Pasta Sauces

I’ve always been a big advocate of homemade tomato sauce but when there are no fresh tomatoes or boxed Pumi tomatoes in my pantry,  or even a grocery store within miles (and miles), the jarred variety is the only option. Enter Bavaro’s Italian Sauces which could almost make me a total convert. These sauces smell and taste of summer ripened red tomatoes and make for an easy and delicious dinner for the family and a house full of guests. Stocked in my pantry three deep, Bavaro’s Italian pasta sauces are a staple I rely on when I can’t make homemade sauce and have 20 minutes or less to make dinner. Read more »