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July 23, 2012

Bavaro’s Italian Pasta Sauces

by Anne Paddock

I’ve always been a big advocate of homemade tomato sauce but when there are no fresh tomatoes or boxed Pumi tomatoes in my pantry,  or even a grocery store within miles (and miles), the jarred variety is the only option. Enter Bavaro’s Italian Sauces which could almost make me a total convert. These sauces smell and taste of summer ripened red tomatoes and make for an easy and delicious dinner for the family and a house full of guests. Stocked in my pantry three deep, Bavaro’s Italian pasta sauces are a staple I rely on when I can’t make homemade sauce and have 20 minutes or less to make dinner.

225785_147516291983880_7534693_nBavaro’s makes three types of Italian pasta sauces:

Antico Pomodoro:  A simple and delicious tomato sauce made with Italian plum tomatoes, organic yellow onions, extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic, sea salt, and basil. Perfect to top pizza dough crusts, toss with pasta, or use to make lasagna or baked ziti.

Marinara: A marinara sauce that contains only the best ingredients: Italian plum tomatoes, organic garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and sugar. The marinara sauce is similar to the pomodoro sauce but has no onions and is slightly sweeter.  A sauce that will do everything the pomodoro does but in a sweeter way. Kids that have an aversion to onions love this sauce.

Arrabbiata: The sauce with a bite containing Italian plum tomatoes, red chilies, organic garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt. The Arrabbiata sauce is perfect to make Shrimp or Chicken Arrabbiata for those that love a spicier sauce courtesy of red chilies.

221945_147516371983872_1677798_nBavaro’s Italian Specialities (maker of the sauces) was founded by Dan Bavaro in Tampa, Florida. In 2009, Bavaro opened a restaurant called Pizzaiolo Bavaro in downtown Tampa with an authentic wood burning pizza oven imported from Italy and started serving up  hand-crafted pizzas, calzones, and pasta dishes. The authentic tomato sauces served at Pizzaiolo Bavaro are the same sauces he now sells in 24-ounce jars (for about $8 a jar). The sauces can be ordered directly from the company via their website listed below.

Bavaro’s Italian Specialities
514 North Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida 33602

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