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Special Places in Switzerland: Bonmont in Cheserex

There are several well-known cities in Switzerland but there are also many small towns off the beaten path that offer a retreat from traffic, shopping, and noise.  The Chateau de Bonmont in Cheserex is one of those places. Located about 20 minutes north of Geneva, the Chateau de Bonmont is also known as the “Golf and Country Club Bonmont”  or simply the “Golf Hotel Bonmont” because this place is both a club and hotel – but guests do not have to be a member of the club to stay at the hotel. Read more »

Zyliss: The Swiss Queen of Gadgets

In my home, I am known as the “Gadget Queen” – a nickname that was given to me a few years back by a friend who noted that every time he and his family visited, I had a new gadget. He would barrel in the front door and before putting his suitcases down would say “so, what’s the new gadget this year?” Read more »