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Posts tagged ‘Cookies’


The Coconut Macaroon

Most people have strong feelings about coconut and for those who possess a deep passion for this tropical fruit, there is the coconut macaroon cookie.  Different than a typical sugar or butter based cookie, the coconut macaroon is both crunchy (on the outside) and chewy (on the inside) with a moist creamy texture. Read more »


The Molasses Clove Cookie

The Dancing Deer Baking Company uses all natural ingredients (unbleached wheat flour, cane sugar, canola oil, cage-free eggs, molasses, baking soda, spices, and kosher salt) to make an exquisite Molasses Clove Cookie that is thick and chewy. Originally thought of as a seasonal cookie for the holidays, the Molasses Clove Cookie dominated the company’s production when demand for this universally loved treat didn’t slow down after the holiday season. Read more »


Eleni’s Easter Cookies

Easter is just a few weeks away – Sunday, April 8th – so thoughts of jelly beans, malted eggs, and chocolate bunnies in a basket lined with green cellophane grass are on my mind.  Instead of limiting an Easter basket to candy and chocolate, consider adding a few beautifully decorated sugar cookies from Eleni’s this year. Read more »


Snowball Cookies

Every December, I make my family’s favorite holiday treat:  Snowball Cookies, a buttery pecan cookie that melts in your mouth.  The recipe came from my grandmother who was born in 1910 whose mother (my great-grandmother) came from Switzerland.  I don’t know if the original recipe came from my great-grandmother (who was an amazing bread maker according to family lore) or if my grandmother started the tradition of passing down favorite holiday cookie recipes. Read more »

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A few months ago, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from a Neiman Marcus recipe that has been passed along on the internet for years.  The story of the recipe isn’t important as any person reading about its origination (a woman having lunch at Neiman Marcus ordering a chocolate chip cookie and getting a bill for $250 for the recipe) would question why the woman even had a credit card. And, who has ever seen a recipe for sale on a lunch menu? But, that’s not the point.  The issue is:  are the cookies good? I thought so because they contain ground oatmeal and I love oatmeal but that’s not what my family and friends think. Read more »