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June 13, 2012


The Molasses Clove Cookie

by Anne Paddock

The Dancing Deer Baking Company uses all natural ingredients (unbleached wheat flour, cane sugar, canola oil, cage-free eggs, molasses, baking soda, spices, and kosher salt) to make an exquisite Molasses Clove Cookie that is thick and chewy. Originally thought of as a seasonal cookie for the holidays, the Molasses Clove Cookie dominated the company’s production when demand for this universally loved treat didn’t slow down after the holiday season.

Each cookie is sprinkled with a light coating of sugar and is remarkable in both its flavor and texture. So special, that the Molasses Clove Cookie was put on the national map 15 years ago (1997) when the Dancing Deer Baking Company was awarded a NASFT (National Association for the Fancy Food Trade) award for its creation.

18161_461397020580_7576083_nBased out of Boston, Massachusetts, the Dancing Deer Baking Company was established in 1994 to provide high quality all natural baked goods to local cafes and restaurants and has since expanded into premier gourmet and specialty food retailers across the country:  I bought my 9 ounce bag (8 large cookies) of Molasses Clove Cookies at Whole Foods for $5.49 but the cookies can also be purchased directly from the company through their website listed below. These cookies contain no preservatives so they are best eaten fresh….don’t forget to look at the date on the bag.

400609_10152791666365581_1340535651_nDancing Deer Baking Company
65 Sprague Street – West A
Boston, MA 02136

  1. Jun 13 2012

    They’re really good chewy cookies but you have to eat them when they are fresh otherwise they get hard and crunchy.

  2. the pedal club
    Jun 13 2012

    This just made me want some gingerbread – it’s the only time I ever use molasses .

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