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Posts tagged ‘Election 2012’


Nate the Great and 538

Nate Silver, the quant jock who created the website:  (538) has proved his detractors wrong once again and accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential election (Obama). Despite the conservatives claiming the presidential election was too close to call and trying to spin Romney as the front-runner (especially after the first debate), the race had never been that close, according to Silver. Obama always had a strong chance of winning:  ranging from a low of 63% on Oct. 9th to a high of 91% the day before the election. In terms of electoral votes, Silver predicted (on election day) Obama would obtain 313 electoral votes while Romney would obtain 225. The actual outcome was 303 electoral votes for Obama and 206 for Romney, with Florida too close to call. And yet numerous news stations, talk shows, radio programs, and newspapers predicted the 2012 presidential election too close to call.  Why is that? Read more »


Who Is The Better Presidential Candidate?

At my core, I am a social liberal and fiscal conservative which makes the choice of whom to vote for very difficult. Always reminding myself not to be a single issue voter, I compiled a short list of issues that are important to me and then thought about which candidate would be a stronger supporter of each issue (in parenthesis): Read more »