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August 30, 2012


Who Is The Better Presidential Candidate?

by Anne Paddock

At my core, I am a social liberal and fiscal conservative which makes the choice of whom to vote for very difficult. Always reminding myself not to be a single issue voter, I compiled a short list of issues that are important to me and then thought about which candidate would be a stronger supporter of each issue (in parenthesis):

1.  The national debt at about 16 trillion dollars is staggering and equates to about $50,000 per US citizen. We need to either pay more taxes or reduce spending with my preference to reduce spending. (Romney)

2.  Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. As my friend, Beverly says (when talking about the government or the right to life movement) “get out of my uterus.” (Obama)

3.  Health insurance should be required (whether at the state or national level) because it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of themselves and their family. We live in a country where we will treat the sick. Those that choose not to buy health insurance (but are ineligible for an entitlement program) seem to believe that it’s the taxpayers responsibility to take care of them and their family if they get sick. We all have to pay into a system where we all benefit and insurance should be available to all, including those with a preexisting condition. (Obama)

4.  Health insurance should NOT be associated with employment and instead should be a standalone product sold on the open market. (Toss Up)

5.  There should be no inheritance taxes. Those that have worked and/or saved their after-tax dollars should not be required to give after-tax dollars back to the government after they die. (Romney)

6.  Fundamentally, people should help themselves and take responsibility for themselves and only when all else fails should the government step in. (Romney)

7.  Those above the poverty level should pay a minimum percentage of personal income to taxes. Tax loopholes need to be reduced and the tax code simplified.  Likewise, the wealthy and those earning more than $250,000 should pay a minimum percentage of personal income taxes consistent with those that earn under $250,000. (Obama)

8.  Congress and Senate members should be subject to all the rules US citizens are bound to and not receive a lifetime pension after 20 years of service. (Neither)

9.  Private sector unions have a place in our society. Public unions and their role in our society need to be addressed with regards to pensions and benefits because our country cannot continue to pay the astronomical costs of public pensions to those that have worked for 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years in the local, state or national government. These employees should do what workers in the private sector have to do – pay into 401K plans and save for retirement. (Romney)

10.  Gun control needs to be tightened. There is no arguing the Constitutional right to bear arms but there needs to be more limits on the types of guns, who can obtain guns, and the amount of ammunition that can be purchased. There also needs to be more communication across state lines to ensure guns and ammunition are not put into the hands of the mentally ill or dangerous. (Neither)

11.  The train transportation system needs to be expanded, especially in the northeast corridor where traffic congestion is an all day occurrence. (Obama)

12.  Religion should stay out of public schools and the public arena. (Obama)

13.  The corporate tax rate structure in the US needs to be addressed to stop our corporations from moving their corporate offices to Switzerland and other offshore locations where rates are lower. (Romney)

14.  Illegal immigrants who were brought to the US as children need a viable road map to citizenship.  To control illegal immigration now, the US needs to do what Switzerland does:  make it impossible to live in this country without the proper paperwork (i.e. can’t get a driver’s license, rent an apartment, get a car fixed, enroll children in school, etc.). (Obama on the first part; Neither on the second part)

15. Public schools need to be supported by our government but taxpayers need to understand that the average annual cost of educating a child in a public school is $10,000 (and the costs vary widely by location) and that if a taxpayer is not paying at least $10,000 in local, state, and federal taxes (per child) annually, other taxpayers are supplementing their child’s education. At some point we all supplement the system but we all benefit from educating our citizens. (Both)

16.  The US should require every citizen after graduating from high school to provide 2 years of public service to the country in the form of defense, intelligence, security, education, health, etc. (Neither)

17.  People should be allowed to marry who they want to. No one chooses who he/she falls in love with. (Obama)

18.  The Medicare eligibility age should be raised from 65 years with coverage based more on need, income and assets. Private secondary insurance should be relied on more.  (Romney)

Each of the above issues have different weights of importance but if I momentarily discount relative importance and tally up the results (and I didn’t know the results until I added them up), I come up with 7.5 for Obama and 7.0 for Romney with neither candidate likely to touch four issues (gun control, public service, Congress and Senate).  It’s a tough call with a lean towards Obama.

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  1. Lamar Briggs
    Aug 30 2012

    you should stay out of this crap…..keep the chocolate flowing…..are you smoking good shit ? if not—-you need to……….

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