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Don’t Blame CVS For Mandatory Health Screening

This past week, Rhode Island based CVS announced its 200,000 employees will be required to participate in a health screening or  pay $600 more in annual health insurance premiums. The health screening will be paid by CVS and will assess employee weight, height, BMI (body mass index), cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels. This information will be submitted to a third-party administrator (not CVS affiliated) who will review the data and assess healthcare risks. Read more »


The Health Insurance Exchange – What’s the Big Deal?

The governor of Arizona let the federal government know the state does not plan to set up a Health Insurance Exchange by October 1, 2013 – the deadline to have the exchanges operating to allow consumers time to purchase policies for 2014 coverage. 17 states and the District of Columbia plan to create their own health insurance exchanges and the remaining states have until December 14, 2012 to decide what they are going to do. For those states that decide not to set up a Health Insurance Exchange themselves, the task will be left to the federal government who has the authority to step in and create the exchanges. Read more »


Who Is The Better Presidential Candidate?

At my core, I am a social liberal and fiscal conservative which makes the choice of whom to vote for very difficult. Always reminding myself not to be a single issue voter, I compiled a short list of issues that are important to me and then thought about which candidate would be a stronger supporter of each issue (in parenthesis): Read more »


The Individual Mandate to Buy Health Insurance

Few topics spark strong opinions like health insurance – and the individual mandate to require the uninsured to purchase health insurance is at the center of the controversy.  In 2010 before the Obama administration in conjunction with Congress and the Senate overhauled the US healthcare system, there were estimates of 40-50 million of uninsured Americans which equates to approximately 15% of the population. Read more »