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Multigrain Bean Chips

Food should taste good.

Food Should Taste Good™ Bean Chips are a new line of tortilla chips that combine wholesome ingredients for a balanced and delicious chip that relies on beans, seeds, and corn for flavor. Certified gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO verified, Food Should Taste Good™ Bean Chips taste good because they are made with real ingredients found in most kitchen pantries. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are used. Read more »


10 Foods to Pack for an Easy and Healthy Lunch (or Snack)

Packing a healthy lunch for yourself or a child can be challenging at times because it’s hard to provide variety, taste, and wholesomeness day after day. One of the most important tips a friend gave me about packing a lunch is to purchase a lunch or meal transport system that is flexible and made to carry a variety of foods. Laptop lunches ( or Black and Blum ( are two companies that make top-notch lunch boxes and food transport pieces. In addition, I always keep a stock of “jello shot glasses” – small 2 ounce plastic containers (125 for about $10 through with a plastic lid that snaps on and stays on. Once you have the proper tools, packing a lunch or a snack on the go is infinitely easier. Read more »