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Posts tagged ‘Peppermint Bark’


Peppermint Bark by EH Chocolatier

Peppermint bark is one of the most coveted chocolate confections during the holiday season. Typically made with three ingredients: peppermint candy, white chocolate, and dark chocolate, peppermint bark is the rare treat that combines the crunchy texture of candy canes, the milky flavor of white chocolate, and the rich taste of dark chocolate. Read more »


Askinosie Peppermint Bark

Springfield, Missouri may be the birthplace of Route 66, but the town is also the home of Askinosie Chocolate, a small batch, bean to bar chocolate manufacturer who sources 100% of their cocoa beans directly from farmers throughout the world. Although the company specializes in single origin chocolate bars (whose beans can be traced to the source), Askinosie also makes a truly scrumptious peppermint bark of single origin dark chocolate, buttery white chocolate, and all natural crushed peppermint candy. Read more »


Peppermint Peppies

Last summer, while attending the Fancy Food Show in New York City, I reluctantly tasted a sample of peppermint bark (after all, it was June) that made me stop, pause and reconsider my aversion to eating “holiday” candy in the summertime (it was dumb logic, anyway). The delicious treat was called a Peppermint Peppie: creamy white chocolate blended with peppermint oil, cloaked in rich, dark chocolate and then sprinkled with red and white peppermint crunchies. Rich and decadent, Peppermint Peppies give a new modern meaning to peppermint bark. Read more »


Holiday Mail Order Sweets

There are certain foods – usually sweets – that we buy or receive once a year around the holidays that lend nostalgia to the season (and a few inches to the waistline).  In our home, we usually kick off the season in mid-November with the purchase of a sweet Italian cake called Pandoro that my daughter sprinkles confectionary sugar over. Read more »