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Where Does $100 to Rotary International Go?

There are an estimated 32,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide that are grouped into 529 districts (an average of 60 clubs per district) in 34 zones (an average of 16 districts in each zone). Each district (529 of them) has a governor.  There are 17 zone directors who each head 2 zones. The governors and directors are  nominated and elected positions. In other words:

  • 35,000:  Rotary Clubs
  • 529:  Districts (65 Rotary Clubs per district)
  • 34:  Zones (16 Districts in each zone)
  • 17:  Zone Directors (2 zones per director)

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Understanding Rotary

Most people think of the Rotary as the local business group that invites business leaders and citizens to join the club (members have to be invited by a current Rotarian and cannot join without an invitation) and meets once a week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to develop friendships, listen to speakers, and organize community assistance programs conducted throughout the year, but Rotary is more complicated than that. Read more »