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Yellow Saturn Peaches

Until recently, Saturn Peaches were easily identifiable by their rosy-colored slightly fuzzy skin and juicy, white flesh. ┬áSmaller and flatter than a regular peach, these summertime fruits are also known as Donut Peaches due to their rounded edges, nearly flat top, and super sweet flavor (which is how donuts are often described). But now, Yellow Saturn Peaches are being grown and harvested in California, and distributed by Trader Joe’s. Read more »


The Saturn Peach

Summertime is the best season to enjoy fresh peaches so be adventurous and try the Saturn Peach. Small (about 3 inches across), flat and less fuzzy than the standard peach, the Saturn Peach has a very thin red and yellow skin. Sweeter than a typical peach…and never dry and mealy – the Saturn Peach is a healthy delicious snack best enjoyed in its natural freshly picked state. Harvested from late Spring through the Summer, the Saturn Peach is gaining popularity among farmers (because it’s easy to grow and bountiful) and peach fans (because the texture is juicy and the taste is scrumptious). Read more »