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July 14, 2017

Yellow Saturn Peaches

by Anne Paddock

Until recently, Saturn Peaches were easily identifiable by their rosy-colored slightly fuzzy skin and juicy, white flesh.  Smaller and flatter than a regular peach, these summertime fruits are also known as Donut Peaches due to their rounded edges, nearly flat top, and super sweet flavor (which is how donuts are often described). But now, Yellow Saturn Peaches are being grown and harvested in California, and distributed by Trader Joe’s.

Equally as sweet as their close relative, the Saturn Peach, the Yellow Saturn Peach has a thin, yellowish (sometimes rosy, too) skin with virtually no fuzz and a juicy yellow flesh. Slice a few and enjoy:


OR, add to a glass filled with ice and carbonated water with fresh mint for a refreshing summer drink that is just peachy!

Sold in an easy-to-carry plastic packet with a handle, Trader Joe’s Yellow Saturn Peaches come four to a pack (14 ounces or about 3.5 ounces each) for $3.49. These beauties are in harvest and will be through the summer.

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