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Candy Bars by Nelly’s Organics

In my ongoing search for a healthier alternative to the sugary and additive filled confections offered in supermarkets, I came upon Nelly’s Organics: a line of scrumptious certified organic candy bars in the refrigerated section of a Fresh Market that sell for just $2.99 a bar (note:  most certified organic chocolate bars cost two or three times as much). With no preservatives (which is why they are in the refrigerated section), additives, dyes, powders, fillers, by-products, nutritional supplements, or added stimulants, Nelly’s Organics contain real ingredients that have been certified organic. Read more »


Hu Chocolate

We are going to give you something awesome to eat, and then we’re going to blow your mind when you look at the ingredients.  And that’s where we stand. No compromise. No sacrifice.

Hu Kitchen has never been accused of being a shrinking violet in the food world. In fact, they are on a mission to change the way modern human beings eat:  away from highly processed products often described as “healthy” and “natural” and towards food with recognizable ingredients that taste awesome. One of the ways this food industry rebel does this is by making eight dark chocolate (72%) specialty bars: Read more »


Organic Nectars Chocolate

Sometimes simplicity is the point…..

Organic Nectars has been dedicated to making and delivering the finest quality artisanal food products for more than a decade. Based out of small town – Maldon-on-Hudson – about 40 miles south of Albany, Organic Nectars specializes in raw products (nothing heated above 118 degrees to preserve maximum nutritional value) that are healthy, environmentally friendly, and delicious. Read more »


Mom’s Organic Munchies

Mom’s Organic MunchiesKrunch Bars, Choco Fit Bars, On The Go Bars, and the Cookies – will make you stop in your tracks, pause, and grin with delight because Mom’s Organic Munchies are the best tasting new snack bars on the market – not an easy award to achieve in a society where everyone seems to be packing a bar. I don’t just like these bars; I love them. And, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I hide them in the refrigerator so no one else finds them. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and refined sugar-free, Mom’s Organic Munchies are a healthy but decadent snack bar. Read more »