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August 1, 2016

Hu Chocolate

by Anne Paddock

We are going to give you something awesome to eat, and then we’re going to blow your mind when you look at the ingredients.  And that’s where we stand. No compromise. No sacrifice.

Hu Kitchen has never been accused of being a shrinking violet in the food world. In fact, they are on a mission to change the way modern human beings eat:  away from highly processed products often described as “healthy” and “natural” and towards food with recognizable ingredients that taste awesome. One of the ways this food industry rebel does this is by making eight dark chocolate (72%) specialty bars:Hu_Kitchen_Chocolate_Bars

  • Simple Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Simple_Chocolate_Bar
  • Hazelnut Praline Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Hazelnut_Praline_Chocolate_Bar
  • Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Almond_Butter_and_Puffed_Quinoa_Chocolate_Bar
  • Salty Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Salty-Chocolate_Bar
  • Cashew Butter + Bourbon Vanilla Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Cashew_Butter_and_Bourbon_vanilla_Chocolate_Bar
  • Crunchy Mint Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Crunchy_Mint_Chocolate_Bar
  • Crunchy Banana Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Crunchy_Banana_Chocolate_Bar
  • Crunchy Fig Chocolate BarHu_Kitchen_Crunchy_Fig_Chocolate_Bar

Each bar is crafted from the finest ingredients with a base of organic fair-trade cocoa, unrefined organic coconut sugar, and organic fair-trade cocoa butter (known as the Simple Chocolate Bar). To that, the chocolatiers add hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, organic bananas, organic figs, organic puffed quinoa, vanilla bean, sea salt, cocoa nibs, and alcohol-free peppermint oil to make their rich 72% dark chocolate bars that contain no cane sugar, refined sugar, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, or GMO ingredients. Just real chocolate bars made with ingredients that will make you smile.

The 2.1 ounce bars sell for about $6-$7 and are available on-line at or at Whole Foods Markets in the northeast region, Fairway, Balducci’s, and other grocers in the New York City region. The bars can also be purchased at the Hu Kitchen restaurant in New York City at 78 5th Avenue (near Union Square).

To read more about Hu Kitchen, go to the website:

Photo Credits: Hu Chocolate

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