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Posts tagged ‘Villagio Marzano Tomoatoes’


Vegan Nachos Made Easy

Nachos are an American favorite but making vegan nachos may seem pointless for those on a plant-based diet because isn’t the point of nachos cheese? ¬†Well, not really. The deliciousness of nachos depends on several factors: good chips, refried beans, crispy chopped lettuce, sweet tomatoes, creamy ripe avocado, and for those following a plant-based diet, often a cheese substitute made from a nut milk. Read more »


Harvest Grains Summer Salad

Harvest Grains Blend from Trader Joe’s is a quick cooking blend of couscous, orzo pasta, baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa. Combined with fresh vegetables, sweet Marzano plum tomatoes, avocado, a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and dill, the cooked grain blend is the perfect base for a light and refreshing side dish for summertime meals. From stove to table in 20 minutes, the Harvest Grains Summer Salad is a delicious blend of textures and flavors that goes with nearly any dish placed on the table. Read more »