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March 9, 2012


Bequet Caramels

by Anne Paddock

Bozeman, Montana is the home of Béquet Confections, maker of three types of vanilla butter caramels (soft, chewy, and celtic sea salt) and seven butter caramels (chocolate, chipotle, espresso, salt-chocolate, pomegranate, butterscotch, and green apple).  Each bite sized caramel is individually wrapped in decorated plastic covers with color twisted ends to unwrap when ready to devour, and devour you will because I have yet to meet anyone who can eat just one Béquet Caramel.

530843_346017588767983_1706500320_nEleven years ago in 2001, Robin Béquet opened Béquet Confections to showcase her artisan caramels which not only come in various flavors but also textures: soft or chewy. Bequet’s rich, buttery caramels melt in your mouth and garnered attention within a few years winning awards at fancy food shows.

The Celtic Sea Salt Vanilla Butter Caramel is absolutely delicious with just a hint of salt that enhances the buttery flavor of the caramel, similar to what a bit of salt does to a fine creamy butter.  This is an award-winning caramel and deserves every accolade bestowed upon it.541951_471263849576689_1809393835_n

Béquet caramels can be purchased at retailers across the country or by ordering directly from the company by phone or on-line. The caramels are sold in 4 ounce bags ($5.95), 8-ounce bags ($8.95), 16 ounce bags ($18.95), 24 ounce bags ($23.95 and even a 5-pound box for $71.90, which I eventually ordered after the small bags never lasted the week in our home).  There are also gift boxes available and the bags and boxes can be filled with one flavor or a combination of flavors.

Béquet Confections
8235 Huffine Lane
Bozeman, Montana 58718

Photo above by Kristen Dill and Maureen Berg

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  1. the pedal club
    Mar 9 2012

    Please tell me you currently have some of these…

  2. Mar 9 2012

    I do, but I’m not sharing…just kidding. I brought 2 pounds with me!

  3. Dec 12 2013

    Just wanted to compliment on the well made caramel very good taste. I my self make caramel on a large scale for a well know company . I can appreciate what it involves in the production of this product.

    Thank Ricky

  4. Dec 12 2013

    I agree Ricky…

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