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March 11, 2012

Raincoast Crisps

by Anne Paddock

Vancouver, Canada is the home of Lesley Stowe’s Fine Foods, maker of some of the most delicious crackers ever made.  Crisp crackers made with flour, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, figs, kalamata olives, dates, flax seeds, almonds, milk, hazelnuts, pecans, raisins,brown sugar, sesame seeds, rosemary, honey, baking soda and sea salt, Raincoast crisps are the best thing to happen to cheese in years.

Raincoast Crisps come in six flavors:

  • Original Raincoast Crisps: a cracker with toasted nut flavor and a hint of spices;
  • Rosemary Raisin Pecan Raincoast Crisps: a cracker with toasted pecans, rosemary, and raisins;
  • Cranberry Hazelnut Raincoast Crisps: a scrumptious cracker (my favorite) filled with toasted hazelnuts and dried cranberries;
  • Fig and Olive Raincoast Crisps:  a delicious cracker that has the salty taste of olives combined with sweet figs;
  • Salty Date and Almond Raincoast Crisps: a less sweet cracker with dates, almonds, and a sprinkle of sea salt;
  • Cinnamon Raisin Raincoast Crisps: a sweeter cracker laced with cinnamon and raisins and the only Raincoast Crisp that is only available in Canada.

CranberryHazelnutLesley Stowe started her own catering company in Vancouver, Canada after being trained as a chef in Paris. Capitalizing on the success of her catering business, Stowe opened up a fine food store which led to realizing the market was in need of a cracker beyond the typical bland white vehicle used to complement cheese selections.  The Raincoast Crisp was born with each possessing its own flavor personality to complement various types of cheese.

21252_10151560643424444_2120425807_nThe Cranberry Hazelnut Raincoast Crisp is the perfect accompaniment to Comte or Brie and the Rosemary Hazelnut Raincoast Crisp paired with La Tur, a creamy soft cheese from Italy that is sold in most cheese shops, is sublime. And, the Fig and Olive Raincoast Crisp with a slice of Spanish Manchego cheese  is the tapa of tapas. Once a cheese is paired with a Raincoast Crisp, there is no going back to cheese on a plain cracker without feeling like something is missing.

NddkxVnRrq7qdzplVegKMNazo1_1280The crackers are available at Whole Foods – in the cheese section – which is where I first discovered them and other fine retailers that are listed on the company website.

Lesley Stowe Fine Foods
100-13955 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, BC V6V 1J6

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