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Raincoast Crisps

Vancouver, Canada is the home of Lesley Stowe’s Fine Foods, maker of some of the most delicious crackers ever made.  Crisp crackers made with flour, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, figs, kalamata olives, dates, flax seeds, almonds, milk, hazelnuts, pecans, raisins,brown sugar, sesame seeds, rosemary, honey, baking soda and sea salt, Raincoast crisps are the best thing to happen to cheese in years. Read more »


Bequet Caramels

Bozeman, Montana is the home of Béquet Confections, maker of three types of vanilla butter caramels (soft, chewy, and celtic sea salt) and seven butter caramels (chocolate, chipotle, espresso, salt-chocolate, pomegranate, butterscotch, and green apple).  Each bite sized caramel is individually wrapped in decorated plastic covers with color twisted ends to unwrap when ready to devour, and devour you will because I have yet to meet anyone who can eat just one Béquet Caramel. Read more »


“Olive Kitteridge”

When I was in high school, I worked in a local pharmacy and learned the secrets of everyone in town: the mayor was taking Valium, an overwhelmed mother had a prescription for 100 Percocet tablets filled monthly, a close friend’s parents never paid their bills (this was back when I thought everyone paid their bills), and a young girl voted “best looking” by her fellow classmates in the graduating class of the local high school was trying to break into modeling and getting hooked on diet pills to become the size 4 she would never be. Read more »


Gagne’s Cream Cheese Biscuits

There used to be a restaurant called Robinhood Free Meetinghouse Restaurant in Georgetown, Maine, a small town in the southeast part of the state.  The restaurant was located in a 19th century church that was restored and converted to a destination dining hall by Michael Gagné, a chef who had a vision:  “to create decadent, flavorful biscuits made entirely from scratch, and use only the finest ingredients.” Read more »


“Still Alice”

“She liked being reminded of butterflies. She remembers being six or seven and crying over the fates of the butterflies in her yard after learning that they lived for only a few days. Her mother had comforted her and told her not to be sad for the butterflies, that just because their lives were short didn’t mean they were tragic.”    
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Papabubble Candy

My daughter was visiting her cousin in New York City when she discovered Papabubble which she pronounced “Papa Booblay,”  a candy store that looks more like a chemists storefront from the exterior in Greenwich Village.  Inside, the store retains its character with elegant two-tone bags with silver backing and transparent fronts bursting with colorful candies, all neatly lined up in rows along the wall. Read more »