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November 13, 2012

The Yoku Moku Holiday Tins

by Anne Paddock

Every year, famed Japanese cookie maker Yoku Moku commissions an artist to design a holiday cookie tin to be filled with the company’s light crispy buttery minimalist cookies. The essence of a Yoku Moku cookie is in its simplicity – both in ingredients, design, and taste – so the exterior design of the annual holiday tin is louder, more colorful and meant to draw attention to a cookie that doesn’t rely on adornment for attention.

In 2012, an artist named Clyv was commissioned to design the two colorful holiday tins: square-shaped with scenes of village life during the holiday season. The smaller tin holds 33 individually wrapped cookies (weighing 1.25 pounds) while the larger tin contains 50 individually wrapped cookies (weighing 1.75 pounds).

417028_108939469232522_1846361352_nEach tin contains 5 different types of cookies: the classic Cigare (hollow rolled butter cookie), the Billet au Chocolat au Lait (a thin butter cookie doubled over and covered in milk chocolate), Billet au Amandes Chocolat (a thin butter cookie doubled over with a milk chocolate base topped with almond slivers), Bateau de Macadamia (a shortbread cookie topped with macadamia nuts and covered in milk chocolate) and Pleine Lune (a shortbread cookie with a milk chocolate base).

The Yoku Moku cookie is an all natural butter cookie made with high quality ingredients (butter, sugar, egg whites, wheat flour, almonds, macadamia nuts, almond powder, vanilla, chocolate). Crisp, light and delicately flavored, the Yoku Moku cookie contains no additives or preservatives. Perfect with coffee or tea as an afternoon snack, each individually wrapped cookie looks beautiful on the table or the side of a plate. The brightly colored decorated packets are easy to open but the best part is the delicious cookie inside.

The Yoku Moku Holiday Cookie Tins are an ideal gift and are available through Saks for $35 for the smaller tin and $48 for the larger tin with free shipping or Neiman Marcus or for $36 for the smaller tin and $48 for the larger tin with free shipping.

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