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February 1, 2013

Chocolate Caramel Turtles

by Anne Paddock

Valentine’s Day is just days away so there is no better time to talk about chocolate than right now. Many connoisseurs of the cocoa variety prefer their chocolate pure as in a bar, as a truffle, or filled with a flavored ganache but there is also a group of people who think there is nothing more decadent than putting three ingredients – chocolate, caramel, and nuts – together to form what is commonly known in North America as a turtle.

Invented nearly a century ago in the United States, this popular treat got its name because its oval shape with nut pieces protruding from the sides and bottom somewhat resembles a turtle.  Numerous chocolate companies produce a version of the turtle but one of the best chocolate caramel turtles is expertly made by a small company in Connecticut called Bridgewater Chocolates.

DSC_0007Bridgewater Chocolates uses fresh pecans and almonds and smothers the nuts in chewy caramel and then covers them in their premium quality milk or dark chocolate (a blend of four types of chocolate – Belgian Callebaut, French Valrhona, and two types of Guittard). Each turtle weighs about 1.3 ounces (as large as a small candy bar) and comes in four varieties: Pecan Milk Chocolate, Pecan Dark Chocolate, Almond Milk Chocolate, and Almond Dark Chocolate. Bursting with nuts and caramel, Bridgewater’s turtles are a luscious decadence for those who appreciate the taste of rich chocolate mixed with milky caramel, pecans, and almonds.

400508The turtles are exquisitely wrapped and boxed in the company’s signature navy blue gift box that opens like music box with two golden hinges in the back of the box (although there is a seasonal red box during the Valentine’s Day season). The turtles can be purchased by placing an order on-line through the company’s website (, by calling one of the two company stores in either Brookfield or West Hartford, Connecticut (address and phone numbers listed below) or by going to one of the stores.  Bridgewater Chocolates are also carried by several stores in the New York and Connecticut area and these stores are listed on the company website.

Bridgewater Chocolate turtles come in 6-piece assortments for $16.75 or 12 piece assortments for $29.50. If purchased by the pound, the turtles are approximately $31 per pound plus shipping.

Bridgewater Chocolates
559 Federal Road
Brookfield, Connecticut  06804

Bridgewater Chocolates
12 LaSalle Road
West Hartford, Connecticut  06107

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