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June 25, 2013

FoMu Alternative Ice Cream

by Anne Paddock

FoMu is not an alternative to ice cream – but instead, an alternative ice cream or what the company describes as “a new take on a traditional favorite.”  Dairy-free and vegan certified, FoMu is a hard ice cream made from either a coconut or nut blend base. The coconut base flavors are made with coconut milk – a creamy, natural and nutritious base that is sweetened with agave and unrefined cane sugar along with a trace amount of plant-based stabilizers (guar and xantham gum) whereas the nut blend base is made with almonds and cashews.

13488_520867451307982_503479442_nFoMu’s signature coconut ice cream is then blended with real vanilla, cocoa, strawberries, peppermint, blackberries, cardamom, lavender, peanut butter, espresso beans, cherries, nuts, avocados, bananas, maple syrup, and more to make one of the 20 flavors offered although new flavors are constantly being formulated. The nut blend base currently comes in five flavorsCarrot Cake, Grapenut Raisin, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Hazelnut, and PB Cookies and Cream.1170694_562598690468191_669543133_n

The Espresso Bean flavor is fabulous with a rich creamy coffee flavor that made me question if I was really eating dairy-free ice cream;  and the Peppermint Chip is FoMu’s version of Chocolate Chip MInt: creamy mint ice cream with dark chocolate chips. The Black Raspberry is fantastically delicious and the Salted Caramel is simply scrumptious. My daughter loved the Rice Honey Lavender (and couldn’t believe there was no honey in the ingredients) and the Avocado, truly an eclectic flavor was love at first bite.

431689_432633103464751_566214012_nFoMu is churned locally (in Watertown, MA just outside of Boston) in small batches to ensure every scoop is as fresh and delicious as possible. With two locations in the Boston area – one in Allston and the other in Jamaica Plain – FoMu’s stores offer traditional scoops of ice cream in cones (regular and gluten-free) and cups with an assortment of toppings (including real chocolate sprinkles!).11751_515345205193540_210962534_n

Sundaes, smoothies, frappes, baked goods, coffee, espresso, and tea are also available along with FoMu’s signature ice cream cakes (great for birthdays or celebrations). Pints – pre-packed or packed to order are available for $6.95 (bring a cooler with ice to transport a few pints home). For ice cream lovers not in close proximity to Boston, the company expects to offer on-line ordering and shipping in the near future. Go to the company website below for more information and for cafe hours.1377095_581771085217618_44519152_n

481 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA 02134

617 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA  02130

Update May/2014:  FoMu is now shipping their signature ice cream pints nationwide. See the website for details.


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