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July 9, 2013


Nora Fleming Platters

by Anne Paddock

Everyone loves a celebration and especially a table filled with platters of salads, desserts, side dishes and more. Some platters in my cabinet are single purpose – designed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday party – which means they take up a lot of space and don’t get used very often. So when my very thoughtful cousin, Nancy gave me a Nora Fleming platter this past week, I instantly fell in love with a serving piece described as “one platter….every occasion.”

A Nora Fleming platter is a very simple white ceramic platter that has a tiny hole on the side designed to hold a “mini” – a small hand-painted decoration with a “plug” that fits snugly into the platter, bringing simplicity and style to entertainment. With nearly 100 minis available, the possibilities are endless.

1000132_551605908230155_1163365952_nThe serving platter collection includes various sized platters in round, oval, square, and sectional pieces while the mini collection offers a small colorful addition to each platter that includes holidays, seasons, special occasions, and life style pieces.  Having a birthday party? Choose from a cupcake, party hat, or a variety of different colored presents to add just the right touch to your serving platter. A barbecue? Consider a grill, a condiment set, a hamburger, or a watermelon mini. There are even minis for a book club meeting, card game, graduation, Bunko, and a beach party.1469980_627276127329799_1135323801_n

The creativity is in the mini while the simplicity is in the platter with each mini able to fit snugly in place on the side of the platter of your choice. Completely interchangeable, the simply decorated platters allow the food to be front and center and not the other way around (which reminds me of the age-old adage about the woman wearing the dress as opposed to the dress wearing the woman).549897_504611926262887_1668887055_n

My first Nora Fleming platter is a three section server that could be decorated with either a blue Adirondack chair, an American flag, or a decorated birthday cupcake. The blue Adirondack chair was ideal for everyday use while the American flag was perfect for the July 4th celebration and next month when we celebrate my husband’s birthday, the cupcake will be gracing the side of the platter.

Every morning this week, I filled the sectional platter with chopped dried apricots, toasted pecans, and plumb golden raisins which our guests scooped onto their morning yogurt and cereal. And, when I served tacos one night, the platter was filled with fresh Haas avocado pieces, chopped sweet grape tomatoes mixed with minced fresh cilantro, and fresh corn kernels while the small American flag mini added just the right amount of decoration and color to the platter to commemorate our nation’s birthday.

578192_344517912272290_932226230_nThe platters range from $30 – $60 each while the minis range from $10-$12.50 depending on where the pieces are purchased from. The company website offers a retail locator service by zip code but the platters and minis can also be ordered on-line through the company’s website (,,,, or

221730_168918676498882_580630_nNora Fleming‘s collection combines simplicity and decoration together to make some of the most innovative products in tableware. A wonderful hostess or housewarming gift, a Nora Fleming platter (and a few minis) will grace the recipient’s tabletop for multiple holidays and celebrations in the years ahead.164904_532060643518015_994495541_n

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  1. julie
    Nov 22 2015

    I’m looking for the nora fleming mini GRAPES that is retired.

  2. Nov 22 2015

    Check with the company (

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