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August 16, 2013


The Chocolat Moderne Bar

by Anne Paddock

Chocolat Moderne Bars – six exquisitely flavored chocolate bars – are the invention of Joan Cuokos, one highly educated Chocolatier who earned a degree in French and Russian from Duke University and an MBA from the University of Chapel Hill before studying chocolate and confectionary arts with a coterie of French, Belgian, Swiss and American chocolatiers in New York and Las Vegas.

Some say Cuokos took the long road to her destination as the owner and CEO of Chocolat Moderne in New York City but her  career path as a banker in Russia and then New York led Cuokos to Belgium where she discovered the wonders of chocolate.  Fascinated with antique chocolate molds and hand-made chocolates, Cuokos began making her own chocolates in her tiny New York kitchen which led her to abandon the banking career and follow her passion.

Moderne-GROUP-SHOT-IMG_1377_web_loIn 2003, Cuokos opened Chocolat Moderne in a commercial loft on West 20th Street in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Hand-made in small batches, the chocolates are made from the highest quality couvertures (chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter which along with proper tempering gives the chocolate more sheen, a creamy, mellow flavor and a firm “snap” when broken) from Valrhona (a French chocolate manufacturer in the Lyon region) and over 100 natural ingredients from around the world.

Initially focused on individual chocolates, Cuokos realized there was a void in the product line; she didn’t offer a solid chocolate bar which is one of the most popular ways in which people purchase chocolate. And, thus the Moderne Bar was born:  six insanely delicious chocolate bars, each made with chocolate, butter toffee, and a twist:

Lime:  A scrumptious bar made with a 65% cacao blend of fine dark chocolate with butter toffee nuggets infused with lime. Absolutely sublime. Winner of the 2012 SOFI Award for Outstanding Chocolate (equivalent to the Oscars for Chocolate). My favorite.LIME-IMG_1370_web_lo

Espresso:  Made with a 65% cacao blend of fine dark chocolate with crunchy bits of butter toffee that have been infused with the robust aroma of freshly brewed espresso. Better than a cup of espresso in the morning.ESPRESSO-Moderne-Bar

Red Fruits: A 65% cacao blend of fine dark chocolate sprinkled with crunchy pieces of butter toffee that have the essence of strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. A burst of summer fruit decadence in every bite.RED-FRUITS-Moderne-Bar

Sea Salt: A blend of 65% fine dark chocolate and butter toffee to which organic sea salt has been added brings simplicity and lusciousness together. Truly, an amazing bar.Sea-Salt-Moderne-Bar

Chipotle:  A 51% cacao blend of fine dark and milk chocolate with smokey, sweet, and crunchy toffee that has subtle smoked red jalapeno peppers. A luxurious bar for those who love milk chocolate and welcome a wave from heat from the piquant pepper.Chipotle-Moderne-Bar

Kashmir Spice: Made with a 51% blend of fine dark and milk chocolate with a butter toffee that has been infused with cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves – the spices of Kashmir. A bold and savory love match for the milk chocolate connoisseur who wants something special.

Each 3.5 ounce Moderne Bar is beautifully packaged and sells for $8.50 per bar. To purchase on-line, go to the company website: Customer service is excellent with orders shipped out promptly – wrapped in bubble paper within an insulated bag with a cold pack in a box to ensure the bars arrive in perfect condition. Or, if in New York, call 212-229-4797 to make an appointment, place an order to pick up or to have an order delivered in Manhattan via messenger service. The company does not have a storefront and operates out of a 9th floor manufacturing loft but welcomes orders from the public with an appointment.

Chocolat Moderne
27 West 20th Street, Suite 904
New York, New York 10011

  1. Aug 16 2013 happy you enjoy it. The bars are excellent and what makes them so unique is the butter toffee that is throughout the bar but they are not like some bars where you get a bite of chocolate without the toffee…it’s all disbursed so every bite is exquisite!

  2. Lamar Briggs
    Aug 16 2013

    Anne, love this blog…….I am going to order some bars …….

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