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September 19, 2013

22 Days Nutrition: Energy and Protein Bars

by Anne Paddock

Just when I think I’ve tried every energy bar on the market, a new one comes along that makes me think my nutritional needs and taste buds have been neglected. 22 Days Nutrition Bars are the brainchild of exercise physiologist Marco Borges, a vegan and committed athlete who truly understands the relationship between food and performance. Borges decided to formulate great tasting nutrient-packed vegan products to nourish the body when he couldn’t find them on the market.  Two of the products – Energy Bars and Protein Bars – are just that:  highly nutritious and incredibly delicious.

598529_565218156825652_1581618590_nThe name of the company – 22 Days – is based on the premise that it takes 21 days for our bodies to make or break a habit. But, no one has to be a vegan to truly appreciate how wonderful the bars are although it’s easy to eat these bars 21 days in a row.  I discovered the bars through my daughter who is a vegan. She was in New York City when samples of the bars were being given out at Whole Foods. When she got home, she told me about them but didn’t have any samples (“sorry, Mom we ate them all”) so I went on-line and ordered one of every bar (there are 4 energy bars and 4 protein bars). After tasting the bars – especially the Nut Butter Buddha Bar which caused me to pause and think I was in candy bar nirvana – another order was placed within days for 3 dozen bars (I know, I know but when I like a product, I really like it).

12288_568084586539009_1196204391_nWhereas the new trend in energy and protein bars is to have a heavy date base, 22 Days uses a variety of ingredients  – dates, nuts, nut butters, chocolate chips and more – to form their bars, which means the bars are more different than similar – except nutritionally where they all pack a big wallop. Certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, and fair-trade certified, the energy bars have 220-230 calories, 5-6 grams of protein, 10-14 grams of sugar.  9-12 grams of fat, and 4 grams of dietary fiber.  The Protein Bars have 220-290 calories, 10-20 grams of protein, 9-15 grams of sugar, 10-16 grams of fat, and 5-9 grams of dietary fiber.

32595_625975454083255_383895922_nThe four Energy Bars include Pineapple Chocolate Chip Wonder, Cherry Chocolate Bliss, Fruit Nut Karma, and Goji Maté Firecracker and the four Protein Bars include PB + Chocolate Chip Nirvana, Daily Mocha Mantra,  Enlightened Pumpkinseed, and Nut Butter Buddha. My daughter’s favorite is Pineapple Chocolate Chip Wonder and mine is the Nut Butter Buddha but they all are exceptional.

Consider trying each bar by ordering a PowerPak (4 bars – your choice for $10.79) directly from the company’s website (   Shipping is free when 3 PowerPaks (12 bars) are purchased. The bars can also be purchased on-line through where 12-packs can be purchased on-sale this week for about $26 when using the promotion code “22DAYS” at checkout (shipping is free for all orders over $49) .

48021_633552946658839_38172746_nThe bars can also be purchased at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and fine grocery and health food stores across the country. To find a store nearby, use the locator service on the company website:

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