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The GoStak

The GoStak is an innovative – simple, portable, and versatile – way to take along favorite snacks, small items, and supplements when on the go. BPA-free, the standard GoStak consists of four different sized jars (that are interchangeable) with a choice of nine vibrant color lids. Connect the jars with the Twist n’Lock (patent pending) system for convenience and easy portability. Freezer and dishwasher-safe, the GoStak is sleek and compact, making it easy to transport as much or as little as desired, with an easy to grasp top handle. Read more »


The Charmed Bar

Deb and Jen, the two “Charmed Girls” – one, a former kindergarten teacher and the other a sales professional in suburban Washington, DC – put their heads and hearts together to create the ultimate snack bar, the Charmed Bar:  a salty-sweet mélange of wholesome natural ingredients made without gluten, grains, dairy, soy, refined sugars and absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Read more »


Among Friends Hand-Crafted Baking Mixes

Walk down the baking aisle of any grocery store and notice there is more shelf space devoted to mixes than raw ingredients which could be good (if whole grains, natural ingredients, and real spices are used) or bad (if the ingredients include white flour, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives), People are busy so boxed mixes have a place – albeit a big place – in our lives but we don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and taste for time if Among Friends Hand-crafted Baking Mixes are chosen because these mixes are “free of all the bad stuff.” Read more »


Healthier Halloween Options

For Halloween, it’s all about the candy and that means Trick or Treaters will have bags of sweets that will haunt every parent for about a month. Most candy has sugar or high fructose corn syrup and often artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, and preservatives. Although sugar is hard to avoid, there are alternative candy choices that are certified organic and flavored with 100% natural flavorings from fruits, vegetables and roots.  Sound to good to be true? It’s not. YumEarth Organics makes a variety of treats with all these attributes and more – free of dairy, peanuts, gluten, tree nuts, and soy –  and they taste scrumptious, the way candy is supposed to taste.

Read more »


Engine 2 Crispbreads and Tortillas

Nearly everyone loves crackers and Engine 2 offers two varieties: Organic Original Crispbread and Organic Triple Seed Crispbread.  Made with whole grains and seeds with no added oils or dairy products, these great tasting super crunchy crackers are delicious with hummus, vegetable spreads, and nut butters. And, for those who prefer a softer vehicle, Engine 2 makes two types of tortillas: Sprouted Ancient Grain and Brown Rice which are ideal to make soft tacos, wraps, and burritos. Read more »


Engine 2 Hummus

In the refrigerated section of most grocery stores are rows and rows of prepared hummus – a garbanzo bean spread that has been popular in the Middle East for centuries (if not longer). In recent years, hummus has gained popularity in the US and is used as a dip for an appetizer and even as a spread in wraps.

Although hummus is very simple to make at home with a food processor, sometimes its just easier to pick up a container at the grocery store. Most prepared hummus contains a lot of additives and oils but there are three new hummus products on the market made by Engine 2 and carried by Whole Foods that are low-fat and low in sodium with no added oils. Read more »