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November 26, 2013

KUR Delights

by Anne Paddock

KUR Delights are, for lack of a better word, delightful organic individually wrapped sweet treats that are easily packed in a lunch box, backpack or purse. Ideal as a mid-day snack – with absolutely no added sweeteners – Delights are naturally sweetened with organic raw dates (a fruit with a natural sugar content of about 80%) to which four to seven other raw and organic ingredients are added to make the three flavors: Brownie, Dark Chocolate Mint, and Coconut Cream. Certified USDA Organic, Gluten-free, Non-GMO verified, and Kosher, Kur Delights are a pure and healthy product for those who have a passion for dates.

577524_385617054808240_1044851985_nThe rich, chocolate flavor of a brownie is reconfigured to include dates, almonds, cashew butter, cacao, cinnamon, and essential oil of orange. For date and chocolate lovers, the KUR Brownie Delight is a healthy alternative to the conventional brownie. Moist and chewy, the KUR Brownie Delight tastes like fudge made out of dates. Brownie-ingredients-panel_02

The Dark Chocolate Mint Delight is KUR’s answer to the Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. Made from dates, almonds, cashew butter, cashews, cacao, cacao nibs, and essential oil of peppermint, these sweet moist treats could make a Girl Scout a turncoat during the cookie selling season.DCM-ingredients-panel

Reminiscent of Coconut Cream Pie, the Coconut Cream Delight is a rich confection made of dates, cashew butter, cashews, and coconut – that’s it. All blended together to produce the perfectly harmonious Coconut Cream Delight.Coconut-ingredients-panel

The word “KUR” is from the Danish language and means “to restore to the natural and proper condition” which aptly describes the company’s commitment to make top quality products with simple ingredients that taste delicious. Founded in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark, KUR was created by a Dane and an American who were committed to start a food company that was “based on the idea of healthy, convenient foods, that were simple, smart and fun.” When they met another Dane who lived in America, they decided to expand into the US in 2011. With the US operations based out of Northport, New York (which is becoming a food mecca for foodies), KUR has positioned itself as the “guilt free Scandinavian treat” in the US. The only caveat…you need to like dates to truly appreciate KUR Delights.brownie_single

KUR Delights can be purchased at select stores (see the store locator on the company website or on-line directly through the company’s website:

The Delights come in 4 packs ($3.99), a 12-pack variety pack ($11.97), 24-packs in one flavor or a variety pack ($23.99), or a 60-count jar for $49.99. Each Delight is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.  Shipping is very inexpensive with my most recent order being $1.99. Like the company on Facebook and be connected to the periodic sales and free shipping specials.

KUR Superfoods
66 Norwood Avenue
Northport, New York 11768

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