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January 29, 2014


The Joy of Jeff’s Peppers

by Anne Paddock

Central Valley, California is a 450 mile long, 50-mile wide flat valley known for growing some of the best peppers in the United States. At Jeff’s Naturalsa Napa Valley-based company specializing in jarred Mediterranean food products – red peppers grown in the Central Valley are roasted, sliced, and packed within 24 hours of harvest to ensure a pepper with a light, smoky flavor and a smooth yet crisp texture.

The 12-ounce jars of Roasted Red Bell Pepper Strips are ideal in any dish (i.e. pasta, pizza, hummus, sauces) that calls for roasted red peppers, and on sandwiches or a panini. With only 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of sodium, and no fat, the red pepper slices add flavor to dishes without sugar, sodium, or fat.303337_127035300767566_1695870521_n

Jeff’s Naturals also makes Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Caramelized Onions – a huge timesaver when dinner needs to be ready in minutes (caramelizing onions takes at least 45 minutes over low heat at home). Naturally low in fat, sugar, and sodium, the roasted red peppers and caramelized onions are in a shelf stable glass jar (12 ounces) and therefore a very useful pantry staple. Consider spooning the medley on top of a homemade pizza, in a calzone, on a panini, or adding a few spoonfuls to a pasta dish.Jeffs-Naturals-Roasted-Bell-Peppers-And-Caramelized-Onions-073214007530

Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers are colorful (red and green) and slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness making them a favorite in relishes, sandwich toppers, pizza, and more. Packed in a 12-ounce jar, the cherry peppers are in a water and vinegar base with no added sugar.314252_127035087434254_1921182535_n

Sliced Tamed Jalapeno Peppers are one of the most unusual jalapeno peppers on the market. Created exclusively for Jeff’s Naturals by horticulturists at Texas A & M University by cross breeding jalapeno peppers with green peppers, Tamed Jalapeno Peppers have the flavor of a pepper without the overabundance of heat that comes with eating a traditional jalapeno pepper. Delicious in Tex-Mex dishes, on pizza, and in salads, Tamed Jalapeno Peppers will make those who shy away from the jalapeno reconsider their decision.538490_127035390767557_681227984_n

The peperoncini is a unique sweet pepper grown in the Mediterranean. The first time I tasted an Italian Peperoncini, the flavor was mild, slightly spicy and a bit bitter. Years later, I realized the flavor of these peppers can vary greatly depending on where they are grown. Jeff’s Naturals jars peperoncini peppers grown in Greece where a sweeter and less bitter variety is cultivated. Yellowish-green in color, Jeff’s Naturals Whole Golden Greek Peperoncini and Sliced Golden Greek Peperoncini are delicious in salads and antipasto dishes. These peppers are slightly saltier than other types of jarred peppers which make them a perfect addition to mild salad dishes that beg for a bit of saltiness, especially a tossed green, vegetable, or pasta salad with Feta cheese.Jeffs-Naturals-Sliced-Golden-Greek-Peperoncini-073214007424

Jeff’s Natural jarred pepper products are available nationwide at grocery stores and on-line through for $2.69-$3.79 per jar (with free shipping for all orders over $49). To read more about the company’s products, go to

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