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March 30, 2014

Organic Raw Kombucha

by Anne Paddock

Some people have a diet coke habit; I have a Kombucha habit. Rarely a day goes by when I don’t drink a 16-ounce bottle of GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha:  a slightly effervescent fermented tea. Light and smooth, Original flavor (my favorite) is filled with vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folate), probiotics, and antioxidants – and, at only 60 calories per bottle, GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha Original has only 4 grams of sugar and 20 mg of sodium per bottle. Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, GT’s Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha is refreshingly different from any other bottled drink on the market.

405071_10150466262519016_1454991108_nThe taste of Kombucha grows on you; similar to dark chocolate. While I loved milk chocolate for years and couldn’t imagine ever succumbing to the charms of dark chocolate, I did (and fell hard) and it was the same with tea and Kombucha. At first, the taste of Kombucha seemed strange and unusual but gradually the slightly fermented flavor becomes immensely pleasurable and thirst quenching. Because the tea is fermented, there are strands of the culture in the drink..not to worry, these are natural and only occur in raw Kombucha.

Made and bottled by Millennium Products, Inc., Kombucha comes in 32 different varieties distributed throughout the USA in grocery and health food stores, including Whole Foods and Fresh Market for about $3.49 per bottle. To find a store nearby, use the product locator service at the company website:

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