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January 2, 2015


First Field Jersey Ketchup

by Anne Paddock

I’m a total sucker for New Jersey. Although I wasn’t born in the Garden State, I spent most of my childhood in a suburban neighborhood across the street from a fruit orchard where I learned to climb trees and balance myself on a thick branch while enjoying a crisp apple. In middle school, I worked at the local farm stand where I became proficient in the best way to enjoy sweet corn: freshly picked, peeled, and raw. But the most important lesson I learned about New Jersey had to do with tomatoes.

284440_237186716315166_4981533_nThe best tomatoes in New Jersey are almost always at a local farm stand during the growing season (July to September) and come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and flavors. From Heirlooms to Beefsteak, New Jersey grows some of the best tasting tomatoes in the country which makes them perfect for one of America’s favorite accompaniments:  ketchup.first field jersey ketchup

First Field Jersey Ketchup is made with select, vine-ripened varieties of Jersey tomatoes, locally grown and fresh-cut onions that are caramelized, apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, spices (organic and fair-trade when available), a dash of canola oil, and kosher salt. Packaged in recyclable clear glass jar, First Field Jersey Ketchup is low in sodium – 60 mg per serving (compared to 160 mg per serving of Heinz Ketchup).First-Field-Set-Jersey-Ketchup-

Most popular commercial ketchup contains corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, artificial and “natural flavorings” and are made from tomato concentrate – not tomatoes. Taste the difference. There is no comparison, really. First Field Jersey Ketchup tastes like what real ketchup is supposed: thick, tangy and slightly sweet tomato sauce.

First Field Jersey Ketchup can be purchased at retail locations across the country including Whole Foods Market in the northeast region (see the company website for a complete list of retail locations) and on-line through Dean & Deluca on-line for $8 per 8 ounce jar. Expensive, yes but worth it. For more information on First Field Jersey Ketchup and other products, go to the company website:

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