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February 1, 2015

Artifact Bag Company Aprons

by Anne Paddock

Most aprons are stylish or cute but don’t provide the four practical attributes a baker really needs: fit, coverage, a few pockets, and durability. Artifact Bag Company of Omaha, Nebraska hand makes a heavy-duty apron that meets all those criteria and is nice on the eyes.

Made of 14 ounces of water-resistant duck canvas, the No. 300 Standard Apron has multiple pockets, reinforced corners for the grommets, double needle stitched pockets with barrack reinforcement, heavy adjustable cotton tapes, and hand aged brass grommets. With one large pocket on the right (perfect to hang a small towel from) and a large pocket divided into 4 sections across the chest (an i-phone fits comfortably in the top right pocket although I prefer to put my stainless steel measuring teaspoon), there are lots of places to hold the things you need.300_lemon_square_jenny_resize_grande

Good enough for the tool shed or gardening,but even better in the kitchen, the Artifact Bag Co. No 300 Standard Apron has a criss-cross back (instead of around the neck) to ensure a good fit. The apron comes in 8 colors (scarlet, lemon, blue bird, papaya, bottle green, pine green, berry, and black) and sells for $70 (one size) plus shipping ($10 usually). To purchase, go to the company website: It’s American, handmade, functional, and fetching…what else could a baker ask for?


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