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May 26, 2015

Inside Smarts Wash Bags

by Anne Paddock

Long live your laundry!                                                                                           ~Billy Mays

We’re talking laundry today. Yes, that boring task that grows exponentially daily. Many things annoy me about laundry but the number one irritation is how to properly care for clothes because it’s not a matter of filling up the machine, pouring the detergent in, and turning the dial (were it that easy, no one would have designed men’s white underwear with a red waistband, shirts made with different fabrics, or work out clothes with lycra and mesh).If you’ve ever opened up the washing machine to see bra straps tied tightly around a favorite white shirt or the laces in the waist of your husband’s gym shorts shriveled into a tight ball, read on.

Washing machines, dryers, and dry cleaning are tough on our clothes. Even the gentle cycle can be uncompromising on delicate clothes (undergarments, exercise clothes, and fragile fabrics) so protecting these garments while cleaning them is a challenge, unless you have the right tools. When it comes to laundry, there is merit to the saying “the right tool for the right job.”

wash-bag-1024x1024Inside Smarts makes premium laundry/wash bags that protect delicates and extend the life of lingerie and clothing. The bags keep clasps, straps, and laces from tying, ripping and tightening themselves around other clothes which is good for you as the Head Laundress and also the household subjects who tend to boisterously complain after the washing machine and dryer do a job on their delicates. The laundry bags also solve the sock problem that every household has: the bag keeps socks paired in the laundry thereby eliminating the frenzied search for the missing sock. But most of all, these bags are great for exercise clothes that tend to be made with stretchy fabrics that can easily be ruined in a spin cycle.4_Wash_Bags

The wash bags are made with premium mesh and have a variety of features including tough, reinforced construction and a durable rust-proof zipper that can be tucked into an elastic zipper guard for quiet, safe washing and drying.IMG_0444[1]

Durable yet soft to the touch, Inside Smarts Premium Wash Bags come four to a bag: two white medium-sized bags (15 inches x 12 inches), 1 large white bag (19 inches x 16 inches) and 1 large black bag (for those dark-colored clothes) that also measures 19 inches x 16 inches. The set of four bags sells for $17.95 on the company’s website: or $16.95 on with free shipping for Prime members.

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