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July 14, 2015


Ziploc Bags – Who Changed the Formula?

by Anne Paddock

Get more out of it!   ~Ziploc®

There are 5 products I always buy from Costco: Bounty Paper Towels, Vanity Fair Elegant Dinner Napkins, Kleenex Tissues, Charmin Toilet Paper and Ziploc® Plastic Freezer and Storage Bags. The harmony of my home relies on the availability of these products (well, not really but they help) and although I try to reduce our reliance on paper and plastic, I still count these products as essential…up until recently. Over the past few weeks, I’ve thrown away dozens of quart and gallon freezer and storage bags by Ziploc® because the bags split down the side no matter how gentle I am.

Ziploc® bags are not what they used to be.  SC Johnson & Son – the “family company” that makes and sells Ziploc® bags – appears to have changed the formula (they won’t confirm or deny as “details of this nature are proprietary”) leaving the utilitarian bag of bags less than what it was. What changed? The strength of the plastic weakened so that the sides now split open eliminating the airtight closure the bag is so famous for. So, now instead of getting “more out of it,” I’m getting less out of a Ziploc® because once the bag splits below the closure line, the bag is useless.

get-attachment.aspxThe resealable and reusable plastic bags called Ziploc® were originally developed in 1968 and made by the Dow Chemical Company. In 1997, Dow sold the rights to SC Johnson & Son who has been making the bags ever since. By producing a strong bag in a multitude of sizes, Ziploc® managed to dominate the market (although they are not without competitors) with a versatile product that literally had a dozens of uses in the kitchen, playroom, and even the suitcase.

When disposable water bottles changed, I got the hint: rely on the faucet and a Brita®. But, what am I to rely on for leftovers, travel, cooking (there’s nothing like using a bag to coat food with flour)? It’s not like there’s an alternative source in my home (I can’t very well turn on the faucet and have a bag pop out) so dear SC Johnson & Son, please bring back the high quality Ziploc® bag of the past. And, for the rest of you faithful users who’ve noticed a difference, consider contacting the company by clicking here and voicing a complaint.

  1. Marie
    Apr 20 2020

    I have the same problem with the zipper part of the bag ripping. I thought it was be but several bags later in less then two weeks ruined I will be looking for a different product.

  2. Valerie Pettifer
    Mar 7 2020

    I find the zipper part at the top rips also, mostly with the medium size freezer bags. Quite annoying.

  3. patricia
    Dec 21 2019

    i am tired of wasting money on your bags when they do split down the sides. please so something about this.

  4. Lydia Knoll
    Sep 18 2019

    I have complained to zip lock company previously about defective products. Their answer was simple. No reply. No phone call. No message.

    A few weeks later I received coupons to get a box for free. I let it go thinking they now know the problem and will fix.

    How naive can I be! Just pulled out a box and had the first 6 rip apart pulling out of the box!

    Stop buying these things. It’s a scam.

  5. Dana Gern
    May 18 2019

    My food is constantly getting freezer burned because the bags split up the side. Yes, I am gentle. I found Wegmans brand are the best now. And they are much cheaper!

  6. ANNIE
    Feb 16 2019

    Yes I’ve said same thing !!

  7. Michael Koerner
    Nov 5 2018

    The whole side rips open on the freezer quart bags. Wtf?

  8. Diane Millians
    Oct 27 2017

    You are exactly right about the bags spliting down the side. Everyone of mine have done so and I am sick of it. Will not be buying them anymore.

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