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July 30, 2015

Cacao Prieto

by Anne Paddock

Chocolate makers – meticulous aficionados who choose to start with cacao beans to create their chocolates – are the rock stars of an industry that celebrates the subtle flavor differences of the cacao bean. Bars are now notable for the characteristics of the beans – the variety and where it was cultivated which are influenced by rainfall, sunshine, temperature, and the type of soil in which the bean was grown – and the multi-step process by which the chocolate maker takes large colorful cacao beans and turns them into a mouth-watering sensation.

Cacao_Prieto_Caca0_beansMost chocolate makers source their cacao beans from the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar, Papua Guinea, Tanzania, Cameroon, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico but Cacao Prieto, a chocolate factory and distillery in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, produces bean-to-bar chocolate from the single origin Dominican cacao grown on their family farm, organic Dominican sugar cane, and a touch of organic whole vanilla bean.Cacao_Prieto_Pecan_Sour_Cherry

Cacao Prieto produces a line of fine chocolate bars in 72% Dark Chocolate.  Five (5) bark bars are offered with nuts and dried fruits:Cacao_Prieto_Cashew_Cranberry

  • 72% Dark Chocolate Cashew and Cranberry
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Pistachio and Apricot
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Pecan and Sour Cherry
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Raisin
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Almond Sea SaltCacao-Prieto_Bark_Bars

The Criollo assortment includes seven (7) bars:Cacao_Prieto_Criollo_Assortment

  • 72% Dark Chocolate Orchid Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Vanilla and Cassia Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Coffee and Sea Salt Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Absinthe Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Orange and Bergamot Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Dominican Spice Criollo
  • 72% Dark Chocolate Single Origin CriolloCacao-Prieto_Criollo

The chocolate maker also offers 72% Dark Chocolate Couverture: A 1-pound bag of drops which are perfect for melting, baking, hot chocolate, or eating as is.

Cacao Prieto bars can be purchased on-line at the company website: The bark bars (4.1-4.2 ounces) are $12 each while the 3 ounce Criollo bars are $8 each. The company also offers a Criollo assortment with one of each of the seven bars for $50. The 1 pound bag of drops is $15.

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