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August 1, 2015

Ithaca Farmer’s Market

by Anne Paddock

The Ithaca Farmer’s Market is a cooperative with 150 vendors who live within 30 miles of the city named for the Greek island of Ithaca. Most vendors fall into one of four(4) categories: agricultural, livestock, food, and arts/crafts. What distinguishes Ithaca Farmer’s Market from other farmer’s markets is the total commitment to locally grown, raised, and manufactured goods, which is an omnivore’s dream market.

Vegetables_Ithaca_Farmer's_MarketAgricultural vendors grow and can only sell their fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants, flowers, and spices while the livestock vendors sell meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products from their farms.Fruit_Ithaca_Farmer's_Market

Stop, admire, and purchase freshly picked garlic bulbs (with the greens still on top), humongous (the only word to properly describe these) bunches of deep green scallions, cabbages, the bluest blueberries, red raspberries, and the blackest blackberries (which were delicious fresh and a perfect addition to a homemade pie).Tomatoes_Ithaca_Farmer's_Market

Multi-colored tomatoes, carrots (with the greens) and beets are also proudly displayed. Stop at Janowski Garden’s booth for the freshest, crunchiest, and most delicious (raw!) sugar snap peas!Scallions_Ithaca_Farmer's_Market

Food vendors sell a variety of products including homemade jams, jellies, sauces, locally gathered honey, baked goods, and prepared foods that include pastries, breads, rolls, ciabatta (by Just Desserts) doughnuts, waffles, pies, pasta, and more. Ciabatta_Just_Dessserts

In addition, prepared meals that include freshly baked pizzas (right out of a portable wood-burning pizza oven by Just Desserts – an artisan bakery “when only the best will do.”) and a vast array of international foods:  Chinese, Ethiopian, Cambodian, Cuban, Indian, Hungarian, and Vietnamese cuisine (Iron Owl Kitchen) are also offered along with local wines made from locally grown grapes, blueberries, and other fruits.Iron_Owl_Kitchen_Ithaca

For the health conscious, there are also organic juices and smoothies (Biz and Benny’s Juice Company, Puro Juice Co), ice pops made from farm-fresh fruit (Celia’s Ice Pops), holistic  (Holistic Kitchen), macrobiotic (Macro-Mama), paleo (Primal Kitchen), gluten-free, and vegan (Save Animals Go Vegan Bistro, Sri Lankan Curry in a Hurry).Celia's-Ice_pops

Arts and Crafts include everything from furniture to musical instruments to handmade rugs, runners, and placemats (Rag Rugs) to the most comfortable hammocks (H & M Hammocks) that can be hung from a tree (hardware included). There is also a wide selection of handmade jewelry, clay products, paintings, silk screened printed clothing, hand knit hats and gloves, glassware and stoneware.Pavillion_Ithaca_Farmer's_Market

On Saturdays and Sundays from April until December, the Ithaca Farmer’s Market is open at the historic Steamboat Landing (545 3rd Street) in a covered pavilion (rain, shine, or snow) on the Cayuga Lake waterfront from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Saturday) and 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (Sunday). The market also operates at three other locations in the city during weekdays (see the official website:'s_Market_Layout

Free parking is available (although the market can get very busy so go early if possible). For a map of the pavilion, click here.

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