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Mocha Almond Fudge Bars

Do you like creamy ice cream, thick fudgey sauce, chocolate, and almonds? If the answer is yes, you’re in for a treat. A Mocha Almond Fudge Bar by So Delicious is as good as the name sounds – rich, creamy, decadent, and so delicious. A non-dairy frozen dessert (technically, these bars are not ice cream because they are made with almond milk instead of milk from a cow), the Mocha Almond Fudge Bars taste every bit like yummy ice cream covered in chocolate and crunchy roasted almonds. Read more »


Carnism and Melanie Joy

We don’t see meat eating as we do vegetarianism – as a choice, based on a set of assumptions about animals, our world, and ourselves. Rather, we see it as a given, the “natural” thing to do, the way things have always been and the way things will always be. We eat animals without thinking about what we are doing and why, because the belief system that underlies this behavior is invisible. This invisible belief system is what I call carnism.    ~Melanie Joy

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Kite Hill Ravioli

Kite Hill – a California-based brand owned by Lyrical Foods, Inc. – has done what no other company has been able to do:  make a truly delicious homemade ravioli with all the attributes we relish: the rich flavor of “cheese” and fillings enveloped in homemade pasta – but without the dairy products. Using artisanal almond milk products (that have been cultured just like dairy milk products) along with simple fresh ingredients, Kite Hill applies traditional methods to make one of America’s favorite comfort foods plant-based. Read more »


Where does $1 to the Town of Palm Beach United Way go?

United Way is a large network with 1,256 independent offices in the United States, each of which is required to submit an IRS Form 990 that provides information on the local organization’s activities, revenue sources, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and more. Focusing on education, income, and health, each local United Way office/chapter acts as a community oversight committee by collecting revenue and making grants to other non-profit organizations that provide needed services or goods. Read more »


Go Raw Sprouted Bars

Go Raw Sprouted Bars are the essence of simplicity in a nutritious snack bar. Made of raw sprouted ingredients, the Go Raw Sprouted Bars are similar to a fruit leather bar:  chewy and sweet, slightly tart with a bit of crunch.  The bars come in five flavors made with all organic ingredients: Read more »