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September 16, 2016

FIKA Citrus and Whiskey Spread

by Anne Paddock

Sometimes I think the world is divided into those who love marmalade and those who don’t. I’ve never met anyone who seems indifferent to this Scottish creation made with the juice and small chunks of fruit rind boiled with sugar and water, although there are those who dispute the origin and claim the English or the Europeans were the original creators. Whoever created marmalade realized the flavor and the ingredients used to make marmalade are key because the presence of citrus peel is what distinguishes marmalade from jam and preserves.

FIKA – a self-described cultural ambassador of sorts with Scandinavian traditions and Manhattan flair – operates 17 coffee shops in New York City where aromatic coffee, breakfast and lunch specialties are served.FIKA-NYC

The company also creates and sells specialty foods, including a Citrus and Whiskey Spread that is the most delicious citrus marmalade ever created says me, a self-described orange marmalade fanatic.FIKA_Citrus_Whiskey_Spread

Filled with small chunks of orange and grapefruit peel, the marmalade gets its distinctive flavor from the citrus peel cooked with whiskey, lemon, and sugar. Although you may be tempted to call this unusual marmalade “a whiskey sour in a jar,” a more accurate description is “a citrusy marmalade with the subtle hint of smooth whiskey.”FIKA_Spread_on_Toast

Spread on sourdough bread, a baguette or raisin toast for a delicious breakfast treat or as I say “Have some bread with that marmalade!.”FIKA_Citrus_Whiskey_Spread_on-toast

FIKA Citrus and Whiskey Spread is sold in 8 ounce jars for $8 at FIKA stores in New York City or order on-line at Shipping is very reasonable and quick.

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