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October 18, 2016

Peregrino Toasted Almond Tortas

by Anne Paddock

Seville, Spain is a city defined by its traditions, one of which is the “tortas de aceite” which is directly translated to mean “olive oil cakes” although these sweet, thin, crisp, flaky treats are more like a dessert cracker than a cake. Made by hand in Seville, tortas de aceite are typically made with flour, extra virgin olive oil,  sugar, baking powder, sesame seeds, anise seeds, and a touch of salt although there are many variations made by adding crystallized oranges and spices that may include cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme.

Peregrino_Toasted_ALmond_Tortas_De_AceiteOne flavor in particular – Toasted Almond – is truly special. These round, large crackers are thin, flaky, slightly sweet, and crisp with the nutty taste of toasted marcona almonds (one of Spain’s national treasures) and sugar sprinkled on the top of the cracker. The Toasted Almond Tortas are unlike any sweetened American treat and, yet each torta has just 2 grams of sugar and is dairy-free.Peregrino_Toasted_Almond_Tortas

Made in Seville for Peregrino (which means “pilgrim”) by La Tienda (an importer of all things Spanish based out of Virginia), Toasted Almond Sweet Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tortas are individually wrapped, six to a plastic tray (to minimize breakage) within a sealed package. Two packages (12 tortas) sell for $14.95 through La Tienda’s on-line store:

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