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Sprouted Almonds

As I dove deeper into my meditation and yoga practice, it was proven to me time and time again, that in order to be clear-headed, and in a space to manifest what we really want, we must consume clean, nutritional dense, vibrant foods…                                                                     ~Joshua McHugh

When we shop for nuts, we often choose between raw or roasted and salt or unsalted. But there’s another option to consider:  sprouted.  A sprouted nut is simply a nut that has been soaked in water (which releases the nut’s enzyme inhibitors so that our bodies can absorb the nut’s nutrients more effectively). The nuts are then dried slowly at low temperatures (to preserve the nutrients and enzymes) resulting in a light, crunchy edible nut.  It really is that simple. Read more »


Shiloh Farms Organic Grain Flakes

Look no further than Lancaster, Pennsylvania where organic, non-GMO whole grain flakes are packaged for Shiloh Farms.

Spelt, barley, and kamut flakes look remarkably similar to rolled oats but have subtle nutty flavor differences which can liven up and energize a variety of breakfast and snack foods. Delicious alone or combined with each other and oats, whole grain flakes make a nutritious and delicious hot cereal or mid-morning pick-me-up. Simply cook according to the package directions (5-20 minutes) or add as is to a homemade muesli recipe (click here for a fantastic not too sweet muesli recipe).   Read more »


FIKA Raspberry

FIKA Raspberry is what most people would describe as “raspberry jam” although the word “jam” is not on the label (which may be because the FDA defines how the words “jam,” “jelly,” “preserves,” and “spread” can be used on labels in the detailed Code of Federal Regulation Title 21).

Made in small batches in Tribeca in New York City, FIKA Raspberry contains exactly three ingredients:  raspberries, sugar, and lemon; and tastes absolutely fruity scrumptious. Read more »


Peregrino Toasted Almond Tortas

Seville, Spain is a city defined by its traditions, one of which is the “tortas de aceite” which is directly translated to mean “olive oil cakes” although these sweet, thin, crisp, flaky treats are more like a dessert cracker than a cake. Made by hand in Seville, tortas de aceite are typically made with flour, extra virgin olive oil,  sugar, baking powder, sesame seeds, anise seeds, and a touch of salt although there are many variations made by adding crystallized oranges and spices that may include cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme. Read more »


Golden Berries and Golden Berry Relish

Golden Berries are making an appearance in grocery stores nationwide. Native to high altitude tropical climates – and particularly Peru and Columbia – Golden Berries are small round berries that look like yellow cherry tomatoes but with a sweet and mild tart flavor.

Also known as Peruvian Ground Cherries, Cape Gooseberries, Uchuva, and Physalis (its scientific name), Golden Berries have traditionally been used to make jams, preserves, and as an exotic garnish on tarts.  More recently, the berries are being enjoyed as is, chopped in a salad, or diced in a relish (see recipe below). Read more »


Asian Salad with Ginger Soy Vinaigrette

The Farmer’s Table restaurant  in Boca Raton, Florida serves a Mandarin Chopped Salad with Ginger Soy Vinaigrette that is remarkable for its flavor, texture, and color. Filled with chopped cabbage, red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli florets, mandarin oranges, and candied cashews tossed in a Ginger Soy Vinaigrette, the Mandarin Chopped Salad is a showstopper and one of those dishes that made me wish the salad bowl was bottomless. In other words, I had to figure out how to make a version of this salad in my own kitchen. Read more »


Why Every Individual Counts

On this very special day celebrating our nation’s birthday, I want to write about why every individual counts.  There are nearly 320 million of us in this country – that’s a lot of people – enough to have made me think from time to time that what I do or don’t do really doesn’t matter. After all, I’m just one person – does it really matter if I eat a piece of grilled chicken, a slice of bacon, an ice cream cone or not think about the food chain in this country? Yes, it does and here’s why. Read more »


The Better Bean Company

The Better Bean Company of Portland, Oregon (why are there so many cool food companies based out of Portland?) considers beans an essential part of fine and healthy cuisines but also realizes that most people don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen cooking beans and adding just the right amount of spices to take the beans from bland to delicious.  So, they do it for you by making freshly prepared beans that rival the quality and flavor of the best home cooked or restaurant made beans. Read more »


Sprouted Adzuki Bean and Rice Salad

Sprouted Adzuki Bean and Rice Salad is a hearty dish full of vegetables, beans, and a trio of rice: wild and germinated red and brown rice. The nutty flavor of the rice combined with the slightly sweet red Adzuki beans and the earthy vegetables – mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini – and fresh chopped cilantro along with Zatar (a popular middle eastern spice) – makes for a flavorful salad that is both filling and nutritious.  Easy and quick to make, the Sprouted Adzuki Bean and Rice Salad is a terrific alternative to traditional rice or bean salad. Read more »


“Forks Over Knives”

A few weeks ago, my friend, Kathy recommend a book called “Forks Over Knives” and also the movie of the same title.  Her 13-year old son had decided several years before that he wasn’t going to eat anything that had eyes and became a vegetarian. In her search for information on a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, she came across this book and movie. Read more »