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November 5, 2016

FIKA Raspberry

by Anne Paddock

FIKA Raspberry is what most people would describe as “raspberry jam” although the word “jam” is not on the label (which may be because the FDA defines how the words “jam,” “jelly,” “preserves,” and “spread” can be used on labels in the detailed Code of Federal Regulation Title 21).

Made in small batches in Tribeca in New York City, FIKA Raspberry contains exactly three ingredients:  raspberries, sugar, and lemon; and tastes absolutely fruity scrumptious. The pure taste of sweet ripened red raspberries is overwhelming in this delicious fruit spread and needs nothing more than a piece of bread as a vehicle to devour spoonfuls.FIKA_Raspberry

Or, blend with yogurt and fresh raspberries to make a parfait or use as a topping on vanilla ice cream. FIKA Raspberry is also perfect to use in thumbprint cookies or any cookie that calls for jam as a spread or a filling.FIKA_Raspberry_on_ToastAvailable in 8 ounce glass jars, FIKA Raspberry can be purchased directly from FIKA’s on-line store ( for $8 a jar.FIKA_Raspberry_Toast


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