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May 14, 2017


Little Kids And Their Big Dogs

by Anne Paddock

Little Kids And Their Big Dogs is one of the most beautiful heartwarming books you will ever have the pleasure of looking through and reading. Written and illustrated by Andy Seliverstoff, a professional dog photographer, Little Kids And Their Big Dogs is not another coffee table book filled with beautiful photographs (although the images are undeniably stunning) but a book filled with images and words that capture the innocence, purity, and special bond between children and dogs.

Seliverstoff noticed the incredibly natural and loving relationship children have with dogs and decided to photograph the two together. The result is nothing short of magical. The pictures will touch you deeply and pull at your heartstrings because the images capture the innocence, trust, devotion, and love between children and very big dogs. There is a joy and confidence that is captured in every photograph and it’s not just the children. The dog expressions are just as enchanting.

Each series of images is accompanied by a short story about the dogs and children featured in the photographs which provides an intimacy viewers don’t often get when simply viewing photographs. We can look at a photograph and make up our own story but when the real or imagined life story is provided, a whole next level of intimacy is achieved that wouldn’t otherwise be available between reader and subject. These pictures take viewers back….back to the innocence and wonder of childhood and the feeling of knowing the incredible unconditional love of a dog.

Meet Wolf the Great Dane and Baby Waldear as they go for a walk in the park or Jay the Ridgeback and little Ksenia who is learning to take her first steps. And, then there is Sean, another Great Dane who is Alice’s self-proclaimed nanny in the park.

The dogs are not just beautiful on the outside. Each one of these gentle giants have an “innate gentleness that truly belies their nature” which shows through in every photograph. And, the kids…well, they are just as amazing as their devoted companions.

The book is expensive – about $40 on Amazon ( – but worth every penny.

  1. May 14 2017

    Now we need Big Kids and Their Little Cats!

  2. sherry
    May 14 2017

    LOVE this. Thank you Anne.

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