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May 12, 2017

Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread by Sant Ambroeus

by Anne Paddock

Rarely am I impressed with bread served in a restaurant so when a friend who hails from New York City insisted I try the Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread at Sant (St.) Ambroeus, my expectations were low. For me, the most excellent of breads must have aroma – that yeasty smell that is indisputably comforting, a crunch on the outside, a soft, chewy texture on the inside and most important of all:  flavor. There are many loaves of bread that look good but very few that look and taste incredible.  Just like men, right?  Just kidding.

I used to say “how hard is it to make a damn good loaf of bread?” The answer: a lot harder than it seems.  Even the bread I make myself is not a 10 (it’s about a 7) so I have a great appreciation for anyone who can make a loaf of bread that has it all.

The Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread made by St Ambroeus is the most delicious bread I’ve ever had and the flavor has to do with the toasted sunflower seeds covering the exterior of the bread and the whole grain flour used to make the loaf. St. Ambroeus’ signature bread is even better than the Poilane sourdough bread (an 8,5 in my opinion) made by the famous Parisian bakery (that an Italian bakery makes a better loaf of bread than a French bakery is noteworthy).

St. Ambroeus is an Italian restaurant and bakery that was originally established in Milan in 1936. There are now  3 locations in New York City (Madison Avenue, the West Village, and Soho), one location in Southampton, two coffee bars also in New York City (the Lowes Regency Hotel and Sotheby’s), and one location in Palm Beach, Florida. There’s also a coffee bar opening soon in the Hanley Building on Third Avenue in New York City. 7 locations, soon to be 8.

So, if your travels take you to New York City, Southampton, or Palm Beach, there is one thing you have to do. Buy a large loaf, no, make that 2-3 loaves of Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread. Each large loaf is $20 – expensive but worth it. Or, try the small loaf for $10.

Take the bread home and freeze all but one loaf.  Place the remaining loaf on a cutting board. Take out a bread knife. Slice a few pieces of bread. Enjoy as is, toasted with your favorite jam, or filled with sandwich ingredients.  Enjoy one of life’s great pleasures.

To read more about St. Ambroeus or to order the bread, go to the website:

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