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Seeded-Grain Bread by Eat More Bakery

Finding a delicious loaf of gluten-free plant-based bread can be challenging because replicating the texture of wheat bread is difficult. Most gluten-free breads fall apart and lack the depth of flavor and texture inherent in breads made with wheat. But, not Seeded-Grain Bread by Eat More Bakery, a gluten-free bakery in Asheville, North Carolina that makes and sells this incredible loaf of bread for $7 a loaf. Read more »


Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread by Sant Ambroeus

Rarely am I impressed with bread served in a restaurant so when a friend who hails from New York City insisted I try the Sunflower Seed Whole Grain Bread at Sant (St.) Ambroeus, my expectations were low. For me, the most excellent of breads must have aroma – that yeasty smell that is indisputably comforting, a crunch on the outside, a soft, chewy texture on the inside and most important of all:  flavor. There are many loaves of bread that look good but very few that look and taste incredible.  Just like men, right?  Just kidding. Read more »


Cinnamon Roll Bread

Cinnamon Roll Bread is wildly different and wildly delicious homemade bread with no added sweeteners. A nutrient dense no-knead loaf, Cinnamon Roll Bread is very easy to make and requires no bread baking experience to make a loaf that looks like a professional baker’s creation.

The secret to the nutty cinnamon flavor and  moist texture of this bread is a single 1.75 ounce packet of Wildway Cinnamon Roll Instant Hot Cereal made with walnuts, ground flaxseed, cashews, coconut flour, pecans, cinnamon, dried dates, and vanilla bean. Read more »


Easy No-Knead Whole Grain and Seed Bread

We light the oven so that everyone may bake bread in it.                                                                         ~Jose Marti

Most of us don’t have to light our ovens anymore but we certainly can put them to good use so why not make a  delicious loaf of bread with whole grains and seeds? Making homemade bread (sans a bread machine) can be an intimidating and daunting, messy task especially for inexperienced bakers. It’s one thing to spend precious time and energy to make a homemade loaf and quite another to have the bread turn out flavorful and delicious. But, what if you could make a scrumptious loaf of bread by simply combining a few ingredients, waiting for the dough to develop, and then baking it? Read more »


5 Burger Buns Worth Buying

It’s burger bun time! Until recently, trying to find a great-tasting bun made of wholesome ingredients was nearly impossible. The buns in the bread aisle or bakery section of the grocery stores tend to be white, contain unheard of things, and taste like a big, dry, chewy nothing. But, recently bread makers have taken notice and jumped in to fill the void by offering delicious and nutritious burger buns.

Among the offerings are buns made with sprouted whole grain (grains that have been allowed to sprout and are then dried and milled or turned into a mush) and simply whole grain (where all the parts of the grain have been milled), both of which offer a nutritious and tasty alternative to the white processed buns that have dominated the market. Read more »



Pizza or Flatbread…Blah, Blah, Blah……

Flatzza® is a wickedly wholesome and divinely delicious cross between a pizza crust and flatbread. Cover a 12-inch round Flatzza® with tomato or pesto sauce and your favorite toppings and bake until the crust turns a golden brown or bake/grill the Flatzza® (with or without a spray of olive oil) until golden brown and then add toppings, or slice into triangles and serve with hummus or your favorite dip. The options are endless. Read more »


Sprouted Grain vs. Whole Grain Breads

Bread seems to be constantly evolving with changes on the horizon. Sixty years ago, bread was usually purchased from the neighborhood bakery or made at home but with the growth of processed foods in the 1960’s and 1970’s, large-scale production of bread made with refined flour soared and took over grocery store shelves. Although commercial loaves full of processed and enriched flours, chemicals, and preservatives still dominate the market, the most recent trend has been towards breads made with sprouted or whole grains, both of which offer a more nutritious and tasty alternative to white bread. Read more »


Nairn’s Scottish Oatcakes

Oats. A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people.         ~Samuel Johnson

The world has both changed and stayed the same since Samuel Johnson (a writer famous for publishing “A Dictionary of the English Dictionary” in 1755) graced us with his wit and talent. Although England has since embraced oats in their diet, the Scots have continued to revel the grain that is well suited to Scotland’s  short, wet growing season. Read more »


Whole Grain Oatmeal Banana Bread

Finding healthy and delicious recipes for traditional favorites is a challenge but after I discovered Fran Costigan’s Vegan Chocolate cookbook, I realized that desserts we all grew up on – chocolate cake, brownies, and cookies – can be just as delicious without dairy, copious amounts of oil, or eggs. The trick is to search for recipes, use alternative ingredients and be fearless (you really do learn from mistakes in baking). Search, read, make, taste, adjust, and try again. Read more »


Taralli by Terre Di Puglia

Taralli are round Italian breadsticks, similar in texture to a crumbly cracker with a savory or sweet taste, depending on the ingredients. A delicious, crunchy pretzel-like snack that can be eaten on its own, Taralli are traditionally made with flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, yeast, and salt although the savory Italian rings are often flavored with fennel seeds, onion, pepper, sesame seeds, oregano, tomatoes, anchovies or poppy seeds. Read more »